How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: New Vehicle!

So the time is upon us again – time for you to be thinking about adding something new to your survival toolkit.

If you haven’t thought about vehicles, it’s time to start. When the dead rise, you’re going to need to be able to get away. Sure you can stay at your house and run through the supplies you have collected, but sooner or later, you’ll likely need to leave. Without a vehicle, that could be tricky.

Trucks, SUVs and the host of military vehicles would be awesome to have – I’m not doubting that one bit!

But have you thought about an amphibious vehicle? One that can navigate in the water as well as drive on land? If you haven’t, start thinking about it!

I’m sure you’ve all seen those Duck Tours they have in major cities that sit on the banks of major bodies of water or rivers. That’s what I’m thinking about. They’re perfect in case you need to exact a hasty getaway! Just take a look!

And if you’re thinking it’s a little too flashy, they do have military issue ones as well! 

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