Zombie Film Fridays: Carriers

Okay, okay – some of you are going to tell me that Carriers is not a Zombie movie. In some cases, I’d even agree since you never see a zombie, but the fact remains that what is infecting everyone could be what starts the Zombie Apocalypse. So on that line of logic, I’m including it. If you have yet to see the film, but like the gritty starkness of films that chronicle the potential breakdown of society as we know it, give Carriers a chance.

In a world devastated by an outbreak, Brian, his girlfriend Bobby, his brother Danny and their friend, Kate, are heading to a beach where the brothers spent their childhood vacations expecting it to be a sanctuary. When their car breaks down on the road in the desert, they negotiate with a man called Frank, who is also stranded but without gas. He is trying to get his daughter Jodie to the hospital (she is infected with a disease of some kind), they all decide to travel together. During the journey, massive moral dilemmas arise, as events head into a downward spiral.

My Rating: A

Interesting Facts: The dust masks worn by the four characters are used for construction and while they can stop dust particulates but would do nothing to prevent any airborne viral or bacterial agents from entering a person’s respiratory system, the cockroaches shown in the end of the film were Madagascar hissing roaches; they wouldn’t naturally occur in the U.S., and at the golf resort, characters cock their shotguns, indicating they’ve been walking around with unloaded weapons (then they keep cocking them with no live rounds are heard hitting the floor, so evidently they’re all carrying empty weapons).

And now it’s time for the trailer!

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