ZOMBIE FILM FRIDAY: Slither | #AlienZombies

Some might not consider Slither a Zombie film but I do. While it’s elements stretch the boundaries of the genre, it’s still contained within it if you consider what the alien slugs turn people into. That should be enough to make you want to watch it but if I have to entice you more, I have just two words…

Nathan Fillion

slitherIn this blend of the B movie classic The Blob (1958), and some Romero’s zombies film, a meteorite collides in a small town. Grant finds it, and is infected by a parasite worm, which installs in his brain and causes him a creepy transformation into a monster. Starla, his wife, and Bill, a policeman, will try to stop him and the plague of worms generated by the creature.

My Rating: B

Interesting Facts: Brenda is watching the Troma film The Toxic Avenger with her baby when Grant comes to her house; in the opening scene as they pan down the street, you can see “RJ McCready’s Funeral Home”( RJ McCready is Kurt Russell’s character in The Thing); and in the script, Jack tells Bill that Brenda is the niece of Randy Flagg (Randall Flagg is the bad guy in several Stephen King novels including The Stand).

And now it’s time for the trailer…


ZOMBIE FILM FRIDAY: The Serpent and the Rainbow | #Zombies

If you haven’t seen The Serpent and the Rainbow, it’s a classic.

Go and get it now and give it a watch – you won’t be disappointed.

I’ll wait for you here…

the-serpent-and-the-rainbow-movie-poster-1988-1020233686.jpgIn 1985, after a successful research in Amazonas, Dr. Dennis Alan from Harvard is invited by the president of a Boston pharmaceutics industry, Andrew Cassedy, to travel to Haiti to investigate the case of a man named Christophe that died in 1978 and has apparently returned to life. Andrew wants samples of the voodoo drug that was used in Christophe to be tested with the intention of producing a powerful anesthetic. Dr. Alan travels to meet Dr. Marielle Duchamp that is treating Christophe and arrives in Haiti in a period of revolution. Soon Alan is threatened by the chief of the feared Tonton Macuse Dargent Peytraud, who is a torturer and powerful witch. Alan learns that death is not the end in the beginning of his journey to hell.

My Rating: A

Interesting Facts: Newly-wed, Bill Pullman’s wife was invited to be an extra and appears on screen as the blonde who pushes a long needle through a willing man’s cheek; author Wade Davis agreed to sell the book rights on the condition that Peter Weir direct and Mel Gibson star — neither man had any involvement in the project; and Bill Pullman acted alongside a jaguar, a viper and a tarantula during the course of film (all the animals were raised in captivity and were relatively tame).

And now it’s time for the trailer…

ZOMBIE FILM FRIDAY: Planet Terror | #Zombies

When you consider Planet Terror, two things come to mind most easily – zombies and Rose McGowan with one of the best zombie fighting weapon ever. If you have yet to see this film, pick it up. It’s got corny moments and thrilling moments – everything you want from a good Zombie flick.

planetterror2After an experimental bio-nerve gas is accidentally released at a remote U.S. military base in Texas, those exposed to the gas turn into flesh-eating, mutating zombies out to kill. An assortment of various people who include stripper Cherry, her shady mechanic ex-boyfriend Wray, a strong-willed doctor, the local sheriff, and an assortment of various people must join forces to survive the night as the so-called “sickos” threaten to take over the whole town and the world.

My Rating: A-

Interesting Facts: The appearance of Bruce Willis in a minor role is a subtle nod to an old marketing trick often employed by Grindhouse makers who would contract a big-name movie star to appear in their movie for one day, for a few frontal shots only, while the rest of the scenes were done with a double filmed from the back and a picture of the big star would then be placed prominently on the movie’s poster in order to boost sales; the “machine-gun leg” effect was pulled off by putting a cast on Rose McGowan’s leg to keep it stiff and wrapping green first aid tape around it; and the total body count of Planet Terror is 281 — El Wrey has 52 kills, Cherri Darling has 50 kills and Sheriff Hague has 13 kills.

And now it’s time for the trailer…

ZOMBIE FILM FRIDAY: Re-Animator | #Zombie #Film

If you haven′t seen Re-Animator, what the bloody heck are you waiting for? Stop reading this post and go and watch it.


But seriously, it′s a great film, one that every lover of zombies should see at one point.

Re-Animator-poster.jpgA dedicated student at a medical college and his girlfriend become involved in bizarre experiments centering around the re-animation of dead tissue when an odd new student arrives on campus.

My Rating: A

Interesting Facts: The special effects department went through 25 gallons of fake blood during the shoot; Stuart Gordon and Dennis Paoli originally intended to be faithful to H.P. Lovecraft’s story, but the film ultimately has little in common with the story, which was intended to be a parody of Frankenstein; and the “brains” in the severed head were made up of steer meat by-products, ground beef and fake blood and when they shot the scene in the autopsy room with the severed head being thrown out the door and then smashing onto the hallway wall, the crew were all behind the cameras with garbage bags over their clothes because no one knew just how much the brains would splatter.

And now it’s time for the trailer…