How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: New Tool!

Last week I told you all about the alternative uses for Olive Oil and I have to say it was a hit! Just goes to show was a little ingenuity can score you 😉 This week, I decided to do something a little similar and tell you about all of the fantastic uses for…

Keep in mind that most of these alternative uses work better with clear nail polish, but when you can, you should always add a little colour into your life – even after the end!

  • plug a small hole
  • heal a wart – stroke nail polish over a plantar wart and it will starve it of oxygen
  • use as a band-aid – stroke a thin layer over a paper cut, hang nail or other minute scratch; it keeps dirt from getting into the wound and will potentially stop infected blood as well!
  • repair frayed laces
  • make objects glow in the dark – it’ll be good to know where your weapons are in the dark!
  • stop a windshield crack from spreading – while working in the shade, brush the crack from both sides to fill it in well; move the car into the sun to dry and voila!
  • adhesive alternative
  • waterproofing matches – dip the flammable end into clear nail polish
  • temporarily repair cracked eyeglasses – you’ll need to see…
  • inhalant from people who have fainted

Any other uses you can think of? Share them with me in the comments!


Zombie Film Fridays: The Last Days on Mars

I recently saw The Last Days on Mars and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I reviewed it for Dark Media Online and hope that more people will pick this one up and give it a chance.

A group of astronaut explorers succumb one by one to a mysterious and terrifying force while collecting specimens on Mars.

My Rating: A

Interesting Facts: Romola Garai, who has appeared in more than a few period pieces, stated that “wearing a space suit is exactly the same as wearing a corset. It’s equally uncomfortable”; Romola Garai, Liev Schreiber and Sally Hawkins were the first three actors to sign on to star in the film; in May 2012: Olivia Williams replaced Sally Hawkins, who had to drop out due to personal commitments; and Screenwriter Clive Dawson tried to be faithful to the original short story by Sydney J. Bounds, “The Animators” (however, in the story, the crew was integrated by six men. For the adaptation, Dawson added two new characters and wrote some of them as female characters).

And now it’s time for the trailer!

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: New Tool!

Okay this one might throw you all for a loop but as I enjoy researching these things, it would seem I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it to you…

When the Zombies attack, you’re going to want to have a supply of Olive Oil. It doesn’t matter if it’s extra virgin or first cold pressed though if you plan on ingesting it as well, it’s better to have a higher quality oil. It will also likely last a little longer in your pack as well, though admittedly some of the alternate uses don’t stop being valuable if your olive oil has turned.

So how can you use olive oil??

  • shave
  • control hair frizz
  • cuticle oil – hangnails are a bitch!
  • free a stuck zipper – soak a cotton swab in olive oil, swab on stuck zipper teeth and then gently pull down
  • lip balm
  • stop snoring – a sip before bed could help by lubricating your throat muscles
  • cure an earache – soaked cotton swab in the ear can help; also helps to clear out excess ear wax
  • treat lice – apply and leave on for 40 minutes, then wash hair twice
  • stop a throat tickle
  • fix a squeaky door
  • personal lubricant – apparently it works very well…
  • easy clean up for tools – helps to cut down on built-up blood and dirt
  • condition leather
  • cure diaper rash
  • treat dry skin

Lots of uses and if you can think of more, let me know!

Glimpses of the Undead – New Release!

Glimpses of the Undead
Julianne Snow


From the mind of Julianne Snow comes an undead collection of stories that feature the gamut of emotions and situations. Presented in flash fiction and short stories, the tales are sure to leave you wanting more and checking over your shoulder.

How would a group of children handle an uprising of the undead? What would you do to save a loved one only to find out that you’re facing a different threat altogether? How would a country react to a timely warning at the end of a war? What happens when a vampiric Romeo hits on an unsuspecting human? In a world where the undead are common place and protected, what happens when speed dating produces a love match?


The Treehouse


Vanier’s Blueprint: A Zombie Tale

Must Love Zombies

Flash Fiction Duo: Fight and Hunger









Love Bites: A Valentine’s Day Misadventure

An Excerpt from Days with the Undead: Book One

Purchase Links:

Amazon: USUKCanadaGermanyItalyFranceSpainJapanMexicoBrazilIndia


Coffin Hop 2013 Winners!

As another year of the Coffin Hop comes to a close, I get to reward some prizes!!

Each day I was offering a digital copy of my novel Days with the Undead: Book One but I’m willing to swap that with a copy of my collection Glimpses of the Undead which is releasing Wednesday. All digital prizes will be delivered via Smashwords. And the winners are:



Eric Alagan

Jeanette Jackson

Teresa Henson

Lori Joyce Parker

A.F. Stewart

Juan Gutierrez

And the Grand Prize winner of a signed print edition of Days with the Undead: Book One plus digital copies of my collection Glimpses of the Undead and The Carnival 13, a charity round robin novella written by 13 authors is:

Paul Bowler!

Get in touch so I can make sure you all get your prizes!!

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