ZOMBIE FILM FRIDAY: Cemetery Man (1994) | #Zombies

Cemetery Man is a great film that explores the zombie genre in a unique way. Kind of brings the image of the vampire cages over the graves in older cemeteries to mind. Could they have worked in this case? I have to wonder…

cemetery_man_5206In Buffalora, Francesco Dellamorte is the administrator of the local cemetery and he lives in a house by the cemetery with the intellectually disabled gravedigger Gnaghi that is his only friend. The cemetery has a peculiarity since the dead reanimates on the seventh night after their death and Dellamorte and Gnaghi together hunt them down. When a gorgeous widow attends the funeral of her old husband, Dellamorte falls in an unrequited love with her. One day, he shows the ossuary to her stimulating her sex drive, and they make love on the top of her husband’s grave. However he awakes and bites her, and when she raises, Dellamorte shoots her. On the next days, Gnaghi falls in love with the mayor’s daughter Valentina Scanarotti but she is beheaded in a motorcycle accident with her friend Claudio. Along the next days, Dellamorte meets two women that looks alike his deceased love, but his romance ends tragically. He decides to leave Buffalora with Gnaghi, but their journey abruptly ends.

My Rating: A-

Interesting Facts: When Francesco and “She” are kissing in the crypt with the shroud over their heads, the shot mimics the painting “The Lovers” by René Magritte; the sets for the cemetery in the film were built upon actual abandoned cemetery grounds in Italy; and the ossuary (a crypt for bones) that was used in the film was quite real (supposedly one of the crew members removed some of the bones from the ossuary during filming, but quickly replaced them the next day claiming to have encountered an angry ghost following the removal of the bones).

And now it’s time for the trailer…

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