NEW BOOK: Eddie Rotten’s FrequenZ: Alpha by William Howser

My friend and fellow Zombie author William Howser released his debut book today – Eddie Rotten’s FrequenZ: Alpha!

I had the pleasure of working very closely with William on the project so it’s near and dear to my heart. But that shouldn’t be the reason you buy it – it’s a great book that draws on the events of the world to weave conspiracy into a zombie apocalypse. Pick it up and check it out! You won’t be disappointed!

Eddie Rotten’s FrequenZ: Alpha


They came from the sky…

Loud pulses of sound that changed the world in a fraction of a second. At first, no one, especially Eddie Rotten, knew what caused them, but everyone was there to witness the startling results.

As the birds fell from the skies and the dead rose, Eddie and his family fought for survival against the unknown forces that had shifted the equilibrium of society. Had the government developed a radical new method of population control? Why did the news outlets remain dark on the issue?

Conspiracy theories flourish as Eddie, along with his family and the newly formed Zombie Fight Clubs, fight to right the moral order and shed light on the most heinous cover-up in human history.

Decide for yourself what is real and what isn’t…

Amazon: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, India

CreateSpace (Print)


ABOUT WILLIAM HOWSER – William was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1974 and is the second of eight children. Growing up with several hobbies, he decided to hone-in on just a few. William is a professional musician, artist, podcaster and author. Currently residing in Austin, TX with his wife and two strong boys, William spends time writing and interviewing people for his podcast.


Zombie Film Friday: Dead Set (2008 TV Series)

Okay so Dead Set isn’t a movie but it’s still a decent example of some Zombie goodness. For those of you who are fans of reality TV, this one may hold a special place in your heart! Check it out, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

It’s eviction night at the Big Brother house, but something very strange is happening; the dead are coming alive and attacking the living. When zombies attack all of the audience outside, the Big Brother contestants are unaware of the death outside the fan-proof (and zombie-proof) big brother house until the show’s runner, Kelly, comes into the house and warns them of the doom outside. Stuck with even less contact with the outside world, the house-mates must sneak out of the house to get supplies, without being seen by the zombies.

My Rating: A-

Interesting Facts: Charlie Brooker (the writer) makes a cameo as a zombie; the show is set within a fictional series of Big Brother using the actual sets, logo-stints and even some of the presenters playing themselves and there are heavy references to the show in every episode;  when Kelly runs outside, she jumps into a blue truck, but when she realizes the keys aren’t in the ignition, she gets out and slams the trucks door shut. In the next shot the door is suddenly wide open.

And now it’s time for the trailer!

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: New Equipment!

On Monday I was having a discussion with a very good friend about Zombies and killing them – the methods we might use, what firepower we’d like to have and other such stuff. He was of the opinion that having a mounting bracket or some such device on the end of a gun would be an asset for when you need to clear a dark room. I’m not against that, but when asked, I had to tell him I’d rather not have my only light source at the end of my barrel.

So faced with that, my friend asked what I’d rather have. Of course, I flippantly answered a light switch that worked, but we can’t have it all can we? After chuckling for a bit, I gave him my real answer – a head lamp.

It’s something I can wear on my head, the light will point in the direction I’m looking while casting some additional diffused light around me and it will leave my hands free to fight should I need them.

What are your thoughts? Have you thought about the need for additional lighting? If you haven’t, perhaps you should…

Zombie Film Fridays: Dead Snow

Okay, I have to admit that Dead Snow is not one of my favourite zombie movies. It’s a great idea though so you should give it a watch regardless of what I think!

Several friends take to the mountains and shack-up in the wilderness of back-of-beyond to enjoy a little R & R together, their peace is soon interrupted by a mysterious old man, warning them of a local curse that during the German occupation of the local area that these Nazi invaders were brutal and harsh in their methods of control. Telling of the legend of the villager’s revolt that drove them up into the cold, dark mountains where they perished, that is until rumour of their return in the form of zombies, evil Nazi zombies.

My Rating: C+

Interesting Facts: This film’s main trailer shows black-and-white World War II archive footage including battleships, parachuting and a command room featuring Adolf Hitler but this material is not seen in the actual movie; Originally it was going to be called “Rød Snø” (or Red Snow in English), as an homage to the Swedish/Norwegian mini-series with the same name; and The character of Erlend wears a t-shirt prominently featuring the words “Brain Dead” in English (Erlend’s demise at the hands of a zombie is exactly the same as the first zombie kill in the low-budget American film Brain Dead (2007)–the zombie gouges the victim’s eyes and splits the skull in half).

And now it’s time for the trailer!

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Alternative Uses!

Okay this one may seem a little out there to some, but after the end, you`re really going to need to think outside the box. And it`s a good thing to know what items can be used for other purposes. Today, we`ll discuss what you can do with a tea bag after you`ve made a fresh cup…

So what can you re-purpose used tea bags for…

  • Soothe a sunburn
  • Soothe a cut or scrape
  • Use as compost in the garden
  • Soothe the tender skin under the eyes – may not seem like something geared toward surviving after the end, but everyone needs to de-stress once in a while
  • Wart and blemish treatment – simply place loose leaf or bagged tea over the wart or blemish for 30 minutes a day and voila – it will dry it up!
  • Add it to baked goods or other dishes for a different flavour – you`re still going to need to eat so why not make it taste good…
  • Can be used as a hair dye – while it`s not going to cover your most persistent grey, it can give your hair a reddish or light brown hue
  • Soften skin when applied as a toner
  • Relieves poison ivy
  • Can be used to help alleviate the smell of stinky feet – just soak those smells away!
  • Can help to alleviate toothaches!
  • Can be used as a fire starter

If you know of any more uses – let me know!

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Alternative Uses

So as my research delves deeper into alternative uses for many products, I figured I’d make a new heading under ‘How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse’ – cleverly named – Alternative Uses! Last week, we discussed the other uses for nail polish and this week, we’re going to dive into what you can do with duct tape!

So what can you use duct tape for??

  • ankle support – if you have weak ankles, wrapping them in duct tape can help give them support
  • wart remover – apply tape, let it settle for a while and then rip off; the wart will come off with the tape
  • headband – if you weaken the tape by soaking it in water, you can easier wrap it around your head/hair
  • waterproof your shoes
  • belt
  • waxing material

If you can think of other uses, leave them in the comments!