5 Hours Till Dawn – An IndieGoGo Campaign

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something special?

What about something uniquely Canadian?

Do you love Zombies?

Then I have the project for you!

5 Hours Till Dawn is our first short film. It is about 6 survivors waiting to get picked up by the pilot and be taken to the safe zone. The result is a high action, character driven, suspenseful short film, that will leave you wanting more.

They need help with funding, but they will give you perks for your contribution! Plus if you’re interested in being an unpaid extra, and you can get yourself to Belleville, Ontario for filming you can totally be a part of the film! Details on the IndieGoGo Project Page.


So if you have some spare cash, think about supporting 5 Hours Till Dawn!

SUPPORT 5 Hours Till Dawn!


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