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Zombiephiles Love It When Things Get Freaky!

Zombiephiles Love It When Things Get Freaky

If you’ve ever watched the relatively new animated show from FOX, Bob’s Burgers, it’s likely you’ve fallen in love with the character Tina Belcher. A hopeless romantic and socially awkward 13-year-old, she’s quickly become a fan favorite on the show, even earning the title of “The Best Character on TV” in a poll on Entertainment Weekly.

TinaIt’s her little quirks that make her so great. Not only is she boy-crazy, which is to be expected from most middle school girls, but she also has an interesting attraction that’s a bit… unorthodox, to say the least.

Tina really likes zombies. I mean really, likes zombies. As she says, “I’m not a zombiephile. I have a complicated relationship with zombies. They’re dangerous, but I love their swagger.”

In season 1, Tina explains that her love of zombies manifested itself from a point in her childhood. When she was 8 years old, her father (Bob) let her watch Night of the Living Dead, which gave her night terrors for years. But as she grew up, Tina created a unique way to combat the scary dreams.

“I think my subconscious fears and budding sexuality are getting all mixed up,” she says. “So I think I’m being attacked by zombies and I start screaming, ‘You want to make out?’ and I make out with it.”

Her coping mechanism led to a full-on zombie fetish, and it even inspired her to write “erotic friend fiction” in her downtime. It, of course, includes herself, her friends/crushes, and a zombie or two.

Sounds pretty odd right? Like something that only an animated show aimed at adults would come up with? Well apparently, it’s a more common occurrence than you might think.

Tina isn’t the only one out there who has similar fantasies, as zombies have go full-on porno more times than you may care to know. As can be seen on, there are numerous erotic/horror-inspired films. These include a Night of the Living Dead parody named Night Of The Giving Head in addition to Creature Feature and the all-zombie sex fest in D2: Deviance. These are all full-length films, ready to go for the world’s zombiephiles whenever the mood catches them right.

There’s no denying that in the last few years, zombies have dominated the horror market. With recent successes like Zombieland, The Walking Dead, World War Z, Warm Bodies, and even hit games like Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, zombies have taken over. However, the availability of undead erotica is a bit of shock.

The spike in interest even inspired an article from, which explains the possible root of a zombie attraction. Clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Friedman argues that our fascination with them stems from the fact that zombies lead a “lifeless life.” He says that “we all fear leading a monotonous existence filled with boredom, emptiness, and loneliness” while the consequences of these negative emotions can lead to us being “bored to death.” Friedman explains that in zombie movies, TV shows, and games, we’re attracted to the heroic and exciting life of the characters fighting against a life of boredom (the zombies).

It’s an interesting argument, especially the heroic aspects. But if Friedman’s analysis is correct, the sexual attraction to those he says represents a “lifeless life” (the negative in this case) could be explained in the same wheelhouse of reasoning for why some girls are attracted to “bad boys.” Every project shows zombies as the obvious antagonists who are just, um, a little colder than most.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a zombie flick, show, game, or even a good zombie crawl as much as the next person. However, it’s in a strictly platonic way. (Sorry zombies!). At least we can all agree that sexualized or not, I’d rather have the popularity of zombies inspiring fetishes than other supernatural creatures. I think we’ve all had our fill of vampires for a while.

FanExpo Canada – August 28th to August 31st, 2014

Well my lovelies, the time has come – FanExpo Canada runs this weekend (August 28th to August 31st) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada!

The good news is that I will be attending, listed as a professional guest!! How cool is that?? Oh and have I mentioned my name sits sandwiched between Matt Smith and Ian Somerhalder?? Further sandwiched by two Star Fleet Captains?? I think I might be in fangirl heaven!

My table is L63 outside the entrance to Hall G in the South Building, and I will have copies of Days with the Undead: Book One and Glimpses of the Undead available for sale. In addition, I’ll have a few anthologies my stories appear in for sale but they’re limited. If you purchase a book, I’ll sign it for #FREE!!

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It’s Friday the 13th and what would this day be without a few treats for everyone??

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They’re Coming To Get You… Next Week!

Hello Zombie Lovers! Thanks for baring with me over the holidays! I hope everyone had a lovely time and that you were able to spend lots of time with those you care about!

That being said, I will be returning full force next Monday (January 13) with an all new schedule and some fantastic new features!

If you’re interested in appearing on the blog, or taking part in my next interview series, get in touch – JulianneMSnow (at) gmail (dot) com – or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter! Just keep in mind it has to be Zombie related!!

~ Julie

World War Z’s Place In Zombie Fiction

World War Z
‘s Place in Zombie Fiction

Susan Nichols

Entertainment these days is incredibly accessible for fans of different genres and methods of entertainment. If ESPN is airing a popular sports broadcast, sports fans can stream it live from any device that can access the Internet; if J.K. Rowling is revealed to have written a crime novel under a pseudonym (this just happened), thousands of fans can instantly download the e-book; and if Betfair invents a popular new casino gaming app, it will be downloaded by the truckload instantaneously. Fortunately for fans of zombie sagas, many of these modes of entertainment can be enjoyed.

From hit games like Plants Vs. Zombies and the Call of Duty Zombie mode, to a seemingly endless onslaught of zombie literature, this popular genre has exploded all over the realm of entertainment. And this is why the release of the Brad Pitt film “World War Z” earlier this year was such a significant event. But was the film a success?

Some zombie fan purists prefer low budget films and “cult” fiction, rather than blockbuster attention, and there’s certainly an argument to be made that the massive budgets of Hollywood can cheapen a zombie epic. In this particular case, the film may not have delivered a traditional zombie fiction vibe, but it certainly had its strong points. Here are a few observations of “World War Z.”

Was it true to the book?

Many know that “World War Z” was based on the novel by the same name by popular zombie author Max Brooks. However, Brooks is on record criticizing the film, which, all things considered, was based only loosely on the book. Brad Pitt did hint, however, that a potential sequel may delve more into the details in the book.

Was it terrifying?

Let’s be honest – we want our zombie fiction to be terrifying. So, was “World War Z?” Well, yes and no. To some extent, the film took itself lightly. It was certainly no horror film, and at moments the zombies’ movements and actions were almost laughable. From a human perspective, however, the film approached a zombie disaster in a way that seemed plausible and terrifying.

Was it believable?

Yes, and this is where any existing terror comes in. “World War Z” was a surprisingly realistic feeling film, more about the spread of a deadly virus than yet another tired focus on sauntering living dead villains. The film felt at least remotely like something that could happen, and that was its strongest quality.

Was it original?

To the extent that any film based on a book can be, yes. Again, this was more of a virus film than a monster movie, and for that reason it felt pretty original among zombie fiction.

Is there sequel potential?

Absolutely. At the end of “World War Z,” humankind has hope, but the real war has only just begun. Pitt and others have already hinted strongly at a sequel, so if you liked this film there should be more on the way to keep you happy.

Kickstarter – The Zombie Bible: Against the World’s Madness

Stant Litore has a dream – to write a 700 to 1000 page novel that is truly epic.

He needs your help as he plans the novel and has offered a number of prizes as reward for helping him.

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More information can be found here:

Kickstarter – The Zombie Bible: Against the World’s Madness

5 Hours Till Dawn – An IndieGoGo Campaign

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something special?

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Then I have the project for you!

5 Hours Till Dawn is our first short film. It is about 6 survivors waiting to get picked up by the pilot and be taken to the safe zone. The result is a high action, character driven, suspenseful short film, that will leave you wanting more.

They need help with funding, but they will give you perks for your contribution! Plus if you’re interested in being an unpaid extra, and you can get yourself to Belleville, Ontario for filming you can totally be a part of the film! Details on the IndieGoGo Project Page.


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Special Report: Zombies in Artificial Evil: Book 1 of The Techxorcist!

Colin Barnes has recently released Artificial Evil: Book 1 of The Techxorcist and I am super excited to bring you news of its relation to Zombies!! First off, let’s meet Colin first…

Colin F. Barnes is a writer of dark and daring fiction. He takes his influence from everyday life, and the weird happenings that go on in the shadowy locales of Essex in the UK.

Growing up, Colin was always obsessed with story and often wrote short stories based on various dubious 80s and 90s TV shows. Despite taking a detour in school into the arts and graphic design, he always maintained his love of fiction and general geekery. Now, as a slightly weathered adult, Colin draws on his experiences to blend genres and create edgy, but entertaining stories.

He is currently working on a Cyberpunk/Techno thriller serial ‘The Techxorcist.’ which combines elements of Sci-Fi, Thriller, and Horror.

Like many writers, he has an insatiable appetite for reading, with his favourite authors being: Stephen King, William Gibson, Ray Bradbury, James Herbert, Albert Camus,  H.P Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith,  and a vast array of unknown authors who he has had the privilege of beta reading for. If you would like to connect with Colin, you can find him on Twitter or his website.

Now let’s take a quick peek at the book! (I know, I know – I’m teasing you with mentions of Zombies, but I promise they are coming!!)

ArtificialEvilBookCover-Web2153. Post-cataclysm. The last city exists beneath a dome where the mysterious benefactors ‘The Family’ tightly control the population with a death lottery and a semi-autonomous network.

All is well until the day family man Gerry Cardle, head of the death lottery, inexplicably finds himself the No.1 target of a malicious Artificial Intelligence. Gerry’s numbers are up, and he has just 7 days to save himself,  find the source of the AI, and keep the last stronghold of humanity safe.

Gerry finds help in the shadows of the city from two rogue hackers: Petal – a teenage girl with a penchant for violence, hacking systems and general anarchy, and: Gabriel – a burnt-out programmer-turned-priest with highly augmented cybernetics.

With his new team, Gerry discovers there is more beyond the dome than The Family had let on, and his journey to find the source of the AI leads him through a world of violence, danger, and startling revelations.

Everything is not as it seems.

Gerry is not who he thinks he is.

Evil can be coded…. can Gerry and his friends stop it before it destroys humanity?

Artificial Evil is book 1 of 3 of The Techxorcist series. The larger-than-life offspring of Blade Runner, Mad Max, and The Exorcist.


Purchase Artificial Evil: Book 1 of The Techxorcist:

Print – Anachron Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Digital – Anachron Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Kobo


And now I give you an excerpt!

Gerry’s escort stopped him in front of a rough wooden door.

Gabe waved his hand over the lock. It chirped, and a small clunk sounded. The door swung open, casting a wide beam of golden light onto the dull street.

A pair of brass goggles with darkened lenses appeared in the gap. They gave the fragile girl wearing them the countenance of a nervous lemur. She wore her hair in a bright pink Mohican with complicated, almost filigree style tattoos on the side of her head.

“Petal, I found him,” Gabe said.

The goggled girl checked both sides of the street and then stood aside to let them enter.

She was young and twitchy in her synthetic leather trousers and a fitted faux biker jacket. Her lips were tattooed bright purple. It always amazed Gerry how these young girls could put up with the pain. There were few counter-cultures in City Earth; most were tame. He’d never seen a girl like this before. She screamed rebellion, danger. He was quickly getting out of his comfort zone.

As he passed her she cocked her head to one side, assessing him. He wondered what was behind the goggles; intrigued and scared in equal measure to find out.

“Go through to the back, Gez,” she said quietly. “Don’t fucking touch a thing.”

“Language, Petal—he’s a guest.”

Gabe touched the girl on her shoulder.

She stood a foot shorter than Gabe, who in turn stood a half-foot taller than Gerry.

“Sorry, Gabe.”

The room was far grander than what Gerry had expected from the grim aspect of the exterior. Panelled wood, probably mahogany, lined the walls. Expensive. Wood was so rare, and to use it as wall decoration was so—the words escaped him.

“Careless? Vulgar?” she asked him.

“Wait, you can read my mind—”

“Nah, you’re on the network. Your AIA’s freaking out, spraying like a panicked skunk. Don’t worry; it’s secure here.” Her goggles switched from opaque to clear, revealing glossy black eyes, reflecting Gerry’s face like mirrored spheres. He caught himself staring, falling.

“I can see your code. It’s grim. You’re in a world of shit.” Her head twitched.

Gerry blinked, looked away, and gripped the sides of his throbbing head. He reached into his jacket pocket. Empty.

“Where’s my comm?”

“Smashed to bits. Your security peeps crushed it when they kicked you out.”

“Great. Can I use yours?”

“Off the grid. Don’t have one.”

“Your network? I just need to get word to a friend; he can sort out this D-Lottery nonsense. And then you can let me go. I’ve got family. I’m—”

“Exempt?” Gabe said. “Aye, should be, but a devil got inside ya and messed with ya algorithm. Tricksy as fuck. And ya can’t go transmitting out onto the main network. Too dangerous.”

“How the hell do you know all this? Just tell me straight. Who are you people?”

The girl spoke up, “We’re specialists—of a sort. A li’l bit off the beaten track. We slip through the cracks in the system. We tracked a demon right here in the City. In you, and in your pal, Mike.”

“He’s here? He’s okay?”

“Um… he’s kinda dead,” Petal said with a smirk.

“Mike? Dead? No. This can’t be, you’re bullshitting me… surely!

Petal and Gabe stood watching.

Gerry hoped this was all just a lie, or some kind of big elaborate joke. Mike was like that, always playing pranks, but would he go this far? It was funny, sure, about the D-Lottery numbers, but not for this long, and these freaks? Maybe they killed him, and he was next. A billion thoughts bloomed into life and expired almost instantly. He tried to access the logic portion of Mags, but she didn’t respond. Probably occupied with informing the various official channels of his imminent demise. They’d need cover at work. His daughters would need a new father figure; and then there was his wife, Beth. She would need a new husband.

A part of Gerry knew she wouldn’t be terribly upset; their relationship, for whatever reason, was never particularly intimate. She had a ‘defined role in the family unit’ and was apparently happy with that. Still, it didn’t make it hurt any less.

Turning back to them and trying to focus, Gerry said, “So tell me, what happened to Mike?”

“He’s out back,” Gabe said. “Wanna see?”

Gerry wasn’t sure if he did. All the time there was no physical evidence there was a chance this was all a massive misunderstanding—a nightmare.

“Come through, Gez,” Petal said, “You’ll see.”

“Is it bad?”

“It’s a little fucked up to be honest.”  Her goggles returned to their inky opaqueness.

Petal took Gerry by the hand and led him through an open doorway into a clinical kitchen: compact and barely large enough for four people. The cabinets and worktops were the usual self-clean white alloy.

As he ducked under the low doorframe he noticed masses of wire mesh running through the ceiling from room to room. Shielding perhaps? Or a Faraday cage of sorts? That probably explained the security of their internal network.

The kitchen smelled of alcohol. Numerous antique glass bottles lined up on a wooden table. Next to them was an alloy container—about a foot square—filled with a writhing black liquid.

Petal must have seen his confusion. “NanoStem solution. Similar to the stuff that Gabe used to heal your facial wound. This one we’ve impregnated with defence nodes. It’s liquid virus protection. Cool, huh?”

Gerry didn’t know what to think. He just worked with numbers, factors, and probabilities.

Underneath the stench of booze something rotten hung in the air; a putrefied sweet smell that tingled his nose hairs and stuck in the back of his throat.

Petal walked to a nook and opened a curtain. Sitting on his ass was Mike Welling. His skin had mulched to a grey-green mottled colour, as if it had rotted from the inside out. It sagged in disgusting black and purple lumps. He sat in a pool of black viscous liquid that dripped from every orifice—the NanoStem solution.

“You can see we’ve been trying to help him. For two days we managed to keep it out, but last night the demon breached the stem defence, and … well, you can see the results. It’s a particularly brutal one.”

Waves of grief flashed through Gerry’s guts; his legs felt like rubber. He grabbed the edge of the table to support himself.  “You’re mad, you’re all fucking mad.”

“That’s possible, my friend, but ya need us,” Gabe said from the doorway. “That thing there is ya pal Mike. That’s what’s gonna happen to ya. It hacked Mike’s AI first, changed the exemption list, and has chosen ya for poezession. Y’ain’t got long, man.”

“I don’t feel … Mags hasn’t changed, nothing’s bypassed my security.”

“Not yet,” Petal said. “But you feel those bastard shakes?”

Gerry nodded. “That’s just Mags doing her thing with the D-Lottery reg.”

“No. That’s the demon screwing the bejesus out of your Mags’s backdoor; trying to impregnate it like it’s done with your pal Mike. Here, watch.”

Petal pushed Gerry closer to the zombified creature that barely resembled his old friend and boss. They’d known each other since they were toddlers. Came out of the same breeding programme. Selected for the same career path. Gerry had always looked up to him, and here he was, a shell. A rotting shell.

He blinked the tears from his eyes, breathed deeply—and then regretted it. He gagged on the stench of bad eggs and rotting meat.

Petal took a micro-thin HackSlate from her breast pocket and swiped a three-fingered gesture across its neon-blue surface. She was connecting to their internal network. Gerry had heard about these devices. A few of his colleagues had worked on defence systems against them. They had the ability to bypass most front-line security systems. He’d have to ask her where they got them from, but now wasn’t the time.

Petal smiled at Gerry. Her full lips stretched wide, exposing sharp canines. She looked like a wolf pup on the edge of adulthood.

“Time to wake him up.” She drew yet more complex gestures across the slate until a few seconds later the body twitched. “Hey, Mike—your old pal’s here to say hi.”

Zombie Mike lifted its head, focused a milky eye on Gerry. A flash of recognition slithered across its vision. Its swollen lips parted and it spoke.

“Kill. Me. Kill me now …” And then the thing started to thrash against the restraints before a different voice spoke. “Ahhh, Mr Cardle, just the man I was sent to get—what treasures you’ll give to me … what secrets you’ll reveal. Now, come here!” The thing lurched towards Gerry, trying to claw at him, but the restraints held it back.

Gerry jumped back. “Oh, no. Mike… Mike!” Gerry screamed, shocked, unable to comprehend the horror of the situation. The thing moaned then whined, seemingly in pain.

“Can’t you put him out of his misery?”

“We’re tryin’, man.” Gabe pointed to the NanoStem solution. “The demon has royally screwed with his AIA. Got into his brain, neural pathways, nervous system; the lot. It’s like a living virus—an artificial evil. You guys, with ya goddamned brain-mods, are clueless as to what ya’ve done. It’s using him to get to get to the algorithm in ya head, in ya damned AIA.” 

Gerry ignored the AIA argument. He’d monitored the anti-AIA groundswell for years, but The Family always handled it. Severe punishments for those who uninstalled them soon quelled the rebellion. And despite his wondering what it’d be like without a modded brain, there wasn’t a single report of anything detrimental to having one.

Looking back at Zombie Mike, Gerry turned to Petal “Have you tried—”

“Almost everything,” she said. “Apart from one thing.”

“And you need me for this one thing?”


“And it’s dangerous?”

“Fuck yeah.”

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and buy! Now!

A huge thank you goes out to Colin for allowing me the opportunity to bring you news of Zombies! Don’t forget to check out Artificial Evil: Book 1 of The Techxorcist – it’s already got six 5 star reviews on Amazon!

Night of the Living Dead Live – IndieGoGo Campaign

If you’ve yet to hear the news about Night of the Living Dead Live, I have to wonder which rock you’ve been living under…

Yes, my fellow Zombie fanatics, it is being done and it will be awesome!  I wish I could say I’ve already gotten tickets, but the truth of the matter is that they haven’t gone on sale yet.

Night of the Living Dead Live directed by Christopher Bond ( the director and co-creator of Evil Dead: The Musical) will be debuting in April of 2013 in Toronto, Canada. After that, there are plans to take the show on the road and share it with the rest of the Zombie fiends out there. 

Here’s where you come in.

They need help to raise money.

It’s going to cost a lot to bring Night of the Living Dead Live to life.

You can help,

For only pennies a day, you can make the dreams of these Zombie fanatics come true.

Don’t let their smiles fool you, they’re really sad.

So let’s keep them smiling – let’s help to bolster their spirits!

How? Good Question!

If you’ve got some money lying around or heck, even if you’ve got spare change in your couch cushions, consider using that money for a good cause.

Donate to their IndieGoGo campaign.

What have you got to lose? They offer you stuff in exchange for your money!

So go… Go to the IndieGoGo site.

Donate your money.

Help them help the Zombies!

George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead Live on IndieGoGo!