UNDEAD MONDAY: Alone Among the Living Dead — Part Four | #UndeadSerial #FreeFiction

Alone Among the Living Dead

Part Four

“When do you plan on going?”

“It’s not like we can just waltz out of here with all of them down there now. We’ll have to wait until they thin out or find another way out of here.” Liberty looked down at the horde gathering in the street as she spoke, her eyes resting on the sea of heads below.

Turning back to the boardroom, her glance ran over a small movement in one of the windows across the road but it was gone before she could draw her eyes back to it. Someone else must be out there—friend or foe? She didn’t have time to worry about it with the problem looming in front of them though. They had next to nothing in the way of food and staying put much longer could have devastating effects on them.

Trevor went back to sulking, his eyes dark as he stared at Lynn. Liberty could tell he blamed her for their current predicament but there was nothing else they could have done. She had needed help and Liberty was glad for the presence of someone other than her sullen brother.

“Have you guys tried the underground parking yet? Maybe there’s a way out there? Or the city beneath the city—a way into one of the other buildings around here?” Lynn spoke quickly, bolstered by the confused looks on their faces. “There’s tonnes of interconnected walkways and stores and all kinds of stuff that can only be accessed through the buildings. Maybe it’s a better way out than taking the street?”

Lynn’s idea was something neither her, nor Trevor, had considered. Not being from NYC, they didn’t know of the underground city that functioned beneath the metropolis sprouting from the surface.

Trevor started looking through the map books and brochures he’d found, pulling out a small booklet he opened up to reveal a spiderweb of tunnels and stores snaking out from the Empire State Building.

“This may just work… So long as it’s not teeming with the dead.” For the first time in a long time, hope began to shine behind Trevor’s tired eyes.

Copyright © 2016 Julianne Snow

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