Day 1 of #COFFINHOP2014: Fingers


Sally held her breath, knowing it was just around the corner. She could hear it hitting the wall, soft thumps of decaying flesh sure to leave marks on the painted surface.

If it found her, it would be over. She had nowhere to go in the dead-ended hallway she’d boxed herself into.

They inched around the edge, putrescent green fingers testing what had once contained them. It was coming to get her.

Sally screamed, unable to keep her panic contained. As punishment, the rotten face followed its fingers, the cold milky eyes lighting with hunger at the sight of her.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2014 Julianne Snow


You can catch up with the other Hoppers by going to! Don’t forget the Hop runs from October 24th to October 31st!

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GRAND PRIZE: 1 Print edition of Glimpses of the Undead and Days with the Undead: Book One by Julianne Snow

RANDOM PRIZES: 5 winners will receive digital copies of Glimpses of the Undead and The Dead of Penderghast Manor


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