AtoZ2014: Razor


The group immediately recognized the danger they were now in, falling back to a location where they could easily watch each other’s backs.

“We only fire if it’s absolutely necessary, got it?” Bill led the group with ultimate authority and wanted to ensure they didn’t waste their ammunition.

A voice interrupted from above them, “So fellas what have we caught in our web today?”

All eyes focussed on the darkness above them, knowing the voice had come out of it. The men struggled to peer into the shadows, to make out any shapes they could. The gloom hid their captors well.

“What do you want with us?” Bill asked the question as his gaze swept the dark above them. “Let us go and no one has to get hurt.”

His answer came in peals of laughter that echoed off the steel walls of the structure. “Hurt? You think you’ll be able to hurt us? Look at where you are…”

With no answer forthcoming from Bill, or any of the men for that matter, the strong voice continued, “You came into my warehouse and that’s something you need to remember.”

“Who are you?” It was worth taking the chance he’d answer.

“You can call me Razor.”

“What do you need in order to make this easy for us Razor? We just want to leave.”

Razor laughed again, “Leave? What makes you think you’ll be leaving?”

A noise from the back drew their attention. It sounded like nails being dragged down a chalkboard, many of the men sticking a finger into their ears in an attempt to relieve the irritation of the noise.

“You’d better go investigate if you want even a shred of a chance…”

The silence became sinister; Doug and the group knew what had likely been unleashed among them. Moving as a unit, they slunk through the darkened warehouse looking for confirmation, but not wanting to find it.

Rounding a corner the shriek caught them off-guard. Ahead lingered a large number of the undead, their heads in the air, smelling the subtly of their scents. As the slack faces turned to stare at them through dead eyes, visceral fear rooted in the hearts of the men. With no way out they were trapped and the monsters were unyielding in their resolve. They would stop at nothing until they caught their prey.

It was either kill or be killed, but would their ammo last? And what else was hiding in the dim corners of the warehouse? There was no telling how many other horrors Razor and his friends had waiting for them…

All rights reserved © 2014 Julianne Snow

Doesn’t have much to do with this portion of the tale, but darkness is darkness…

7 thoughts on “AtoZ2014: Razor

  1. It’s amazing how you’ve managed to craft a story and still stick to the A to Z challenge, I’m officially hooked and please, pretty please, give Carmen and Doug a chance to live…

    1. Thank you AJ 🙂 I started off with 26 random words generated from the internet and I’ve got to be honest, some of the days were harder than others. I will admit I’ve taken a few small liberties (I used one word as a name for a character…), but for the most part, I’m lucky that the words have actually allowed the story to flow with a sense of freedom.

      And I don’t think the story’s going to be done by the time I get to Z…

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