A to Z Bonus Post: The Worst Zombie Movie I Have Ever Seen

When I was trying to decide what my bonus posts would be, I simply couldn’t tell you about my favourite Zombie film, without telling you about the worst one that I have seen (in my humble yet honest opinion). There were quite a few to choose from… I fully acknowledge that I am not a filmmaker and that making a movie is not an easy task. I’d love to hear your thoughts too, if you’ve seen it!

The movie has two names – Dawn of the Living Dead or Evil Grave: Curse of the Maya. I’ll let you take your pick as to what you want to call it…

The ex-addicted and paranoid Renee and her fiancé and former doctor Jeffrey move together to a remote house nearby the Mexican border. She meets Michael, who works in the area taking care of wind mills, and invites him to have dinner with Jeffrey and her. Sooner they find that the place is under siege of a hungry Mayan descendant family of zombies that was killed by an unknown murderer and cursed by an old ritual.

My Rating: D-

Interesting Fact: They spent $750,000 making this movie.

And here’s a link to the film on YouTube! I’m a little embarrassed to admit I own the film…

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