HOW TO SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: Alternate Uses – White Vinegar | #MoreThanJustAPreservative

White Vinegar—it’s mainly just a by-product of oxidized wine but many believe it’s got uses that extend beyond cooking in the kitchen.

  • white-vinegar.jpggot a smell you just can’t get off your hands, try washing them in white vinegar
  • ever been sprayed by a skunk? Next time get the stink out with vinegar
  • Wiping down your car windows and windshield with a three-to-one vinegar-water mixture can keep them frost-free in the wintertime
  • When cooking any vegetables from the cabbage family (like broccoli or cauliflower), adding a little vinegar to the water will perk up the taste and reduce the gassiness they can induce
  • Get rid of smoke odor
  • Sanitize jars and containers

So it looks like white vinegar could be a great addition to your apocalyptic arsenal.