ZOMBIE FILM FRIDAY: Cooties | #zombies #zombiekids #zombedy

I caught Cooties (the movie, not the fictitious childhood disease) a few months ago and really enjoyed it! Take a watch if you’re looking for a different take on the genre!

51jN6htDqUL._SY445_Cooties is a horror comedy with unexpected laughs and unapologetic thrills. When a cafeteria food virus turns elementary school children into killer zombies, a group of misfit teachers must band together to escape the playground carnage. The film stars Elijah Wood (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings), Rainn Wilson (“The Office”), and Alison Pill (“The Newsroom”) as teachers who fight to survive the mayhem while hilariously bickering in an uncomfortable love triangle on the worst Monday of their lives.

My Rating: A

Interesting Facts: At one point, Wade ([Rainn Wilson]) insinuates that Clint (Elijah Wood) sneaks around like a Hobbit. Wood played the Hobbit Frodo Baggins in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy; in the facility manager’s room is a mirror that looks like the Dharma logo, a company in Lost (2004), in which Jorge Garcia appeared; when deciding who is small enough to navigate the AC vents, the faculty inexplicably forgets the much smaller preteen girl standing in the same room; and after the credits, Hitachi makes another appearance.

And now it’s time for the trailer…

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