ZOMBIE FILM FRIDAY: The Horror of Party Beach | #classic #horror #undead #monsters

I love classic movies and while this isn’t typically a zombie film, there can be arguments made that this does qualify loosely within the genre of monsters consuming humans in order to survive. Give it a watch and let me know how you like The Horror of Party Beach!

220px-The_Horror_of_Party_BeachWhile the hot-rodders and motorcyclists are having a rock-and-roll beach party, a barrel of radioactive material is unloaded from a passing ship, plunges to the bottom, and splits against a jagged rock. A black liquid oozes out and covers a shapeless mass on the ocean floor, which suddenly moves and becomes an encrusted vicious monster. Soon there are several monsters who must have human blood to survive. Tina is the first victim, and football hero Hank Green and airhead Elaine Gavin enlist the aid of her science-professor father, Dr. Gavin, to find and capture the killer. Not working fast enough to prevent the attack on 20 teenagers at a slumber party or the killing of three girl motorists, Dr. Gavin finds an arm lost by one of the monsters and discovers that only sodium will destroy the monsters, whose composition is mostly water. Can they gather enough salt in southern California to put an end to this horror?

My Rating: A

Interesting Facts: Horror author Stephen King cites this as one of his favorite films; Director Del Tenney said he kept the monster suits from this film for years afterward and wore them at parties for laughs; chocolate syrup was used for blood during the monster attack scenes; and the film’s working title was “Invasion of the Zombies.”

And now it’s time for the trailer…

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