RANDOM MONDAY MINI: I’ll Do Anything | #randomword #Catholic #randomphrase #filthieroutcast #freefiction

I’ll Do Anything…

“Let me in! They’re coming!” The teenage boy pleaded with the face on the other side of the sturdy fence.

Jenn looked over at her compadre on watch and said, “What do you think, Fred? Should we do the Catholic thing?”

Fred laughed, his beard bouncing up and down on his round belly. “Catholic? That’s a good one!” he said. “There ain’t no Catholics here.”

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Again, the pubescent voice begged, “I don’t want to die! Please let me in! I’ll do anything!”

Jenn laughed again, her voice taking on a mocking lilt, “Listen to that Fred! He’ll do anything.”

“Listen you little shit; I’ve never seen a filthier outcast than you.” The venom in her voice palpable, vicious. “We’re not letting you in, so you’d better stay ahead of them.”

Her gaze shifted to the shambling Wasters coming up slowly behind the young man. Grabbing the thin hand that had stretched through the gate to add to his plea, Jann held on tightly, her mirth brimming over. “This’ll teach you not to ask for what’s not yours!”

Fred looked on as the Wasters caught up to the young boy, watching as Jenn snapped her hand back just in time. In mere moments, the frail body was torn apart, blood splattering everything within reach.

Dirty hands ending in broken and dirty fingernails snaked through the open areas of the gate. Jenn smiled over at Fred, raising her gun slightly in response. She wouldn’t shoot though—the Wasters would move on eventually… They always did.

© 2019 Julianne Snow

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