ZOMBIE FILM FRIDAY: Slither | #AlienZombies

Some might not consider Slither a Zombie film but I do. While it’s elements stretch the boundaries of the genre, it’s still contained within it if you consider what the alien slugs turn people into. That should be enough to make you want to watch it but if I have to entice you more, I have just two words…

Nathan Fillion

slitherIn this blend of the B movie classic The Blob (1958), and some Romero’s zombies film, a meteorite collides in a small town. Grant finds it, and is infected by a parasite worm, which installs in his brain and causes him a creepy transformation into a monster. Starla, his wife, and Bill, a policeman, will try to stop him and the plague of worms generated by the creature.

My Rating: B

Interesting Facts: Brenda is watching the Troma film The Toxic Avenger with her baby when Grant comes to her house; in the opening scene as they pan down the street, you can see “RJ McCready’s Funeral Home”( RJ McCready is Kurt Russell’s character in The Thing); and in the script, Jack tells Bill that Brenda is the niece of Randy Flagg (Randall Flagg is the bad guy in several Stephen King novels including The Stand).

And now it’s time for the trailer…

7 thoughts on “ZOMBIE FILM FRIDAY: Slither | #AlienZombies

    1. Awesome! I loved them bath but if I had to pick some favourite zombie flicks it would be Pontypool and the original Night of the Living Dead. But there are so many awesome ones out there – makes it so hard to choose sometimes.

      1. Hi Julianne. Yes, its very different to Squirm isn’t it, still a really good film in its own right though. Actually, this was on tv a couple of weeks ago, found it while channel zapping, enjoying watching it again as well 🙂

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