ZOMBIE FILM FRIDAY: The Serpent and the Rainbow | #Zombies

If you haven’t seen The Serpent and the Rainbow, it’s a classic.

Go and get it now and give it a watch – you won’t be disappointed.

I’ll wait for you here…

the-serpent-and-the-rainbow-movie-poster-1988-1020233686.jpgIn 1985, after a successful research in Amazonas, Dr. Dennis Alan from Harvard is invited by the president of a Boston pharmaceutics industry, Andrew Cassedy, to travel to Haiti to investigate the case of a man named Christophe that died in 1978 and has apparently returned to life. Andrew wants samples of the voodoo drug that was used in Christophe to be tested with the intention of producing a powerful anesthetic. Dr. Alan travels to meet Dr. Marielle Duchamp that is treating Christophe and arrives in Haiti in a period of revolution. Soon Alan is threatened by the chief of the feared Tonton Macuse Dargent Peytraud, who is a torturer and powerful witch. Alan learns that death is not the end in the beginning of his journey to hell.

My Rating: A

Interesting Facts: Newly-wed, Bill Pullman’s wife was invited to be an extra and appears on screen as the blonde who pushes a long needle through a willing man’s cheek; author Wade Davis agreed to sell the book rights on the condition that Peter Weir direct and Mel Gibson star — neither man had any involvement in the project; and Bill Pullman acted alongside a jaguar, a viper and a tarantula during the course of film (all the animals were raised in captivity and were relatively tame).

And now it’s time for the trailer…

2 thoughts on “ZOMBIE FILM FRIDAY: The Serpent and the Rainbow | #Zombies

  1. The Serpent and the Rainbow is a great film, often overlooked IMOP. Its so spooky and atmospheric and there are some genuinely unsettling moments in this one/ Great horror film!

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