Exit Humanity is a recent film, 2011 qualifies it as recent in my mind, and I wasn’t sure what I to think when I watched it. The premise was interesting and I’m a lover of zombie films so I figured I’d give it a chance. What I found was a movie that started off slow and then ramped up, taking it away from the typical story of survival into that of a search. I actually really enjoyed it.

ExitHumanityA young man’s struggle to survive in the aftermath of a deadly undead outbreak during the American Civil War.

My Rating: A-

Interesting facts: The movie contains live action with a smattering of classical animation; it was filmed in small town Ontario, Canada (Owen Sound, Collingwood, and Kimberley to be exact); and if you watch closely in an early scene, you’ll see a shirtless zombie walking through a pond,  which washes off the make-up on his forearms.

And now it’s time for the trailer…

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