If you’ve seen Reel Zombies, you’ll agree it’s the epitome of a B-movie. What could be more fun about the filming of a zombie movie with actual zombies? Okay, well quite a few things spring to mind but I didn’t shut the movie off part way through so that’s gotta say something right?!? I will say that I did enjoy it just for the cooky corniness of it all.

ReelZombiesWhen a zombie outbreak erupts, zombie films are made illegal. Undeterred, a low budget film crew set out to create the sequel to their two previous, unsuccessful zombie films. Reasoning that once zombie plague ends, there will once again be a market. The filmmakers attempt to film around the hostile zombies, while also using them as extras in their film.

My Rating: D (technically I should give it a B… 😉 )

Interesting Facts: It’s tagline is: “When the Dead rise. The cameras roll.“; and it was filmed in different locales in and around Southern Ontario like Courtice, Port Hope, and Desoronto.

And now it’s time for the trailer…

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