I had been wanting to see Maggie ever since I’d read a review from a friend on Facebook. After sitting down to watch it, I have to say I’m not 100% sure how I felt about it. It was certainly different and I applaud the filmmakers for taking chances with accepted zombie mythos (if there is such a thing) and for casting such huge stars in something that could have been a devastating failure. Or maybe that was the point – cast Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin in an attempt to trick people into coming to see it. The movie itself moved slowly but the drama was there. If you’re looking for an all out Zombie apocalypse action ride, this is not that movie.

MaggieAfter a couple of weeks seeking out his teenage daughter Maggie, Wade finds her in the quarantine wing of a hospital. Maggie has been infected by a lethal outbreak that transforms the victim into a zombie. Wade’s friend Dr. Vern Kaplan releases Maggie to spend her last days with Wade and her family. Her stepmother Caroline asks Wade to take their little kids to her sister’s house to keep them safe. While Maggie is slowly transformed, Wade stays with her protecting Maggie. But Dr. Vern warns him that the moment that he will have to take an ultimate decision is closer.

My Rating: B

Interesting Facts: This is the lowest budgeted movie Arnold Schwarzenegger has appeared in since the original The Terminator (1984); Arnold did not receive any sort of payment to star in this film — he did the film for $0 after falling in love with the script; and the term of the disease for those infected – necroambulist – is a mixture of the Greek word necro meaning death/dead, and the Latin-derived ambulist meaning walker. Thus together the literal translation is dead-walker.

And now it’s time for the trailer…


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