How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Alternative Uses!

Good old talcum powder—possibly just baby powder to you—but who knew it had so many other uses??


Now I don’t think it matters much which brand you choose, but when the dead rise, you’re going to want to have this versatile item in your survival gear! So what else can you use it for?

  • dry shampoo
  • removing sand – just spread it where you have sand and see how easily it slides off with a little swipe of the hand
  • remove grease stains – after the end, clothes are going to be hard to come by and no one wants to look like a slob…
  • prevent chaffing – IMPORTANT!! Chaffing may make you run slower!!
  • freshen shoes – you’re probably only going to have one pair and a little freshness goes a long way…
  • repels ants – if it’s not Zombies. it’s ants. You’re welcome.
  • cools skin – ahhhh!
  • useful as a deodorant substitute – your friends will thank me.
  • soothe dry skin – moisturizer may be in short supply so smooth on a little talc and remain baby soft where it counts

So what other uses for talcum powder do you know of? Tell me in the comments!!

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