FanExpo Canada – August 28th to August 31st, 2014

Well my lovelies, the time has come – FanExpo Canada runs this weekend (August 28th to August 31st) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada!

The good news is that I will be attending, listed as a professional guest!! How cool is that?? Oh and have I mentioned my name sits sandwiched between Matt Smith and Ian Somerhalder?? Further sandwiched by two Star Fleet Captains?? I think I might be in fangirl heaven!

My table is L63 outside the entrance to Hall G in the South Building, and I will have copies of Days with the Undead: Book One and Glimpses of the Undead available for sale. In addition, I’ll have a few anthologies my stories appear in for sale but they’re limited. If you purchase a book, I’ll sign it for #FREE!!

To help celebrate FanExpo weekend, Phrenic Press has reduced my short story The Dead of Penderghast Manor on Amazon to #FREE! Go and download it!!


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