SUMMER OF ZOMBIE 2014: The Human VS The Humane

How have you enjoyed the series?? For the last question, I wanted to test the authors – really make them ponder their answer… So I asked them:

If faced with leaving a loved one behind in the interest of surviving the oncoming hordes, what would you choose to do?

As you read their answers, remember to ask yourself whether or not you think they’re being honest… Would they really sacrifice their own survival in an unguaranteed attempt to save their loved ones??

Armand Rosamilia, author of Dying Days 4

Not even a thought. I’d push them down or use their body as a shield… um, I mean, I’d totally sacrifice myself for them. Wait… which of my kids would it be?

Julianne Snow, author of Glimpses of the Undead

Dead weight is dead weight is dead weight. I’d like to think I’d stay and try to save them, but I know my family well enough to say they’d want to give other survivors the best chance possible in making it to the other side of the apocalypse.

Thomas M. Malafarina, author of Ridge of Dead (Dead Kill Book 1)

Go out fighting. There’s no point in surviving when you can’t live with yourself.

Charles Ingersoll, author of Day Zero

I would stand and fight. You never know your chances. You may actually prevail.

Stephen Kozeniewski, author of The Ghoul Archipelago

Oh, my wife and I have had this discussion.  If stuff gets real, we’ve both agreed we’re not, like, coming for one another like Rick Grimes.  And no, “Oh, Johnny, it’s Johnny, my brother!” stuff either.  Zombification = deadification.

Sarah Lyons Fleming, author of Until the End of the World

That depends on who it was. If it were one of my kids, not zombified, I’d be fighting to my dying breath. If I had my kids, then so long, sucker!

Stevie Kopas, author of Haven

If they were injured, infected or dying, I’d either leave them with a weapon to finish the job or kill them myself before I took off.  Anybody that loves me wouldn’t expect me to die for them.

TS Alan, author of The Romero Strain: A Zombie Novel

Leave but make sure the person I had to leave behind is left with provisions and weapons.

John O’Brien, author of A New World: Untold Stories

I’d live, only because it’s what I’d want them to do.

Ian McClellan, author of One Undead Step: A Zombie Novel

That’s tough. I don’t have a lot of loved ones, so it would be hard to leave one behind. If it was certain death, and there was no way I could save them, I think I would make the reasonable choice. There’s no point in dying just to die.

T.W. Piperbrook, author of Contamination 5: Survival

It depends on which one it was.  Just kidding.  I’d do my best to protect them, even if it meant going down myself.

Shana Festa, author of Time of Death: Induction

Oh, would you look at the time? Gotta run…

Bryan Cassiday, author of Poxland

“Bang Bang”…

Robert Chazz Chute, author of The Plague of Days Season One

I’m the least important person in my home. I stay and make my stand. The kids and She Who Must Be Obeyed get to go to Baskin Robbins.

Rhonda Parrish, author of Waste Not

Depends on the loved one. That’s the wrong answer isn’t it? LOL But some people are more ‘loved’ than others. If we’re talking my immediate family, well I guess we’re all dying together, but if it’s like my great aunt Bertha twice removed… well, I’ll probably feel bad for leaving her but I’ll be alive to do it.

Rebecca Besser, author of Cursed Bounty

I wouldn’t leave someone behind if there was any choice to it. Being forced to, I guess I would. But I would try like hell until I was absolutely sure there was no other option.

Now, if it were someone I didn’t love… he he he

Claire Riley, author of Odium II: The Dead Saga

What? like a sick aunt that couldn’t run or because my husband was bitten or something? That’s a hard question. I guess each circumstance is different. I couldn’t ever leave any of my kids behind, and I wouldn’t fair to well without my husband, so ‘surviving an oncoming horde’ wouldn’t really be an issue since I highly doubt I’d survive without him. I have no sense of direction, so it’s more than likely if I did run, I’d end up back in the same spot twenty minutes later anyway.

Jack Wallen, author of The Last Casket

It all depends upon the circumstances and the loved one. If it were my wife, I’d have a hell of a time leaving her behind. If I absolutely had to, I’d make sure she was prepared for anything and everything. This would also depend upon my chances of helping mankind to overcome the onslaught. What good is my survival without those I love – unless it is for a greater good. Even then…that’s a tough one.

I’ll keep flip flopping on that one until I’m actually faced with the decision. 😉

Jay Wilburn, author of Zombies Believe In You

I would put them away quietly and tell everyone else they went to live on a farm where there was lots of room to run around, but we don’t have time to visit.


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5 thoughts on “SUMMER OF ZOMBIE 2014: The Human VS The Humane

  1. I liked the answers so much. They give you the insight into different aspects of human nature, especially in a situation as hopeless as the apocalypse. I don;t know what I would do, though…I love life too much to be sacrificed by a zombie, who is a dead body after all, but still, I think I would have some issues about how to react if the zombie is a someone I love and care for.

  2. OMG!Jay Wilburn’s and Armand Rosamilia were my favorite responses! I would have loved to have seen one from Mark Tufo!

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