SUMMER OF ZOMBIE 2014: The Unexpected…

So what do the authors on the Summer of Zombie tour think about this question:

What is the one thing people won’t expect from your book?

Jump in to find out what makes their stories unique…

Armand Rosamilia, author of Dying Days 4

The amount of humour I weave in between all the blood and gore.

Julianne Snow, author of Glimpses of the Undead

That sometimes the scare is better left to your own imagination! Oh and my zombies aren’t limited to humans…

Thomas M. Malafarina, author of Ridge of Dead (Dead Kill Book 1)

The fact that it has an interesting story with real characters and a cool twist. It  isn’t simply a slash, shoot and stab zombie book.

Charles Ingersoll, author of Day Zero

I don’t think they will expect the added mystery element that coincides with the rising of the undead or the rise of marauding humans.

Stephen Kozeniewski, author of The Ghoul Archipelago

I’m just going to come right out and say it: the puppet scene.  I love puppets.  Puppets are the greatest.

Sarah Lyons Fleming, author of Until the End of the World

The love between the characters, whether romantic or platonic.

Stevie Kopas, author of Haven

Now if I told you that, I’d just be ruining all the surprises!

TS Alan, author of The Romero Strain: A Zombie Novel

Having resolution to a few point plots and character developments. There are unanswered questions… for the moment.

John O’Brien, author of A New World: Untold Stories

There’s a fan fiction section at the end.

Ian McClellan, author of One Undead Step: A Zombie Novel 

Probably the humor. I’ve gotten some great feedback, both from regular reviewers and bloggers. They’ve all said that there’s a lot of laughs in the book, but they work well in the story. It wasn’t really what I was going for. My first book was very snarky. I wanted One Undead Step to be a strictly serious zombie read, but I guess that’s just not how I write. My dear friend Jillian Cornell Michel, who writes at Zombie Guide Magazine with me and has a few of her own zombie books out there, beta read the book and told me that humor just comes naturally in my writing. She’s pretty smart, so I’ll take her word for it.

T.W. Piperbrook, author of Contamination 5: Survival 

The ending.  It might surprise some people.

Shana Festa, author of Time of Death: Induction

To be scared, laugh, and cry…all in one sitting. And the dog…never underestimate a girls love for her pooch.

Bryan Cassiday, author of Poxland

The selfishness and arrogance of the politicians in it.

Robert Chazz Chute, author of The Plague of Days Season One

The chapter of metaphysics makes the reader a character in the story and will make you think I’m on acid. I’d call that a spoiler, but no one will get it until they read it, so that’s fine.

Rhonda Parrish, author of Waste Not 

Author chose not to answer…

Rebecca Besser, author of Cursed Bounty

Like most of my zombie books, it’s different. Cursed Bounty isn’t the normal zombie apocalyptic tale that has hordes of zombies and the world is consumed. The zombie (and later zombies) are a concentrated and controlled effort by one man who is seeking political power.

Claire Riley, author of Odium II: The Dead Saga

I’ve no idea. It’s a very character driven plot with a backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. It’s a couple of years after everything has gone to hell and there are small pockets of survivors. The main MC is just a normal person, she has no skills, she has no plan, she’s a bitch at times. She’s just human.

You’ll either love her or hate her, but she’s very real.

Jack Wallen, author of The Last Casket

A standard zombie story. The Last Casket is about fun and rock and roll. That doesn’t mean it lacks the standard monstrous bits and pieces, it just doesn’t take them as seriously as my other novels. This book is the first entry to a new series that is a spin off of my I Zombie series…but don’t expect Bethany and company to show up and save the day (at least not yet – Muhaha!)

Jay Wilburn, author of Zombies Believe In You

I believe the stories carry the high tone of fantasy, but the raw horror of zombies.


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