AtoZ2014: Wait


“We tried everything we could Carmen, but we just couldn’t get him to move.”

“So you just left him out there?” Carmen screamed back at the pair who stood before her.

“What else were we going to do? He just froze!” Bill tried to reason with her, “There were a few times in the warehouse where it looked like he’d do the same thing, but he managed to pull it together. Why did neither of you tell us he had an issue?”

All eyes focussed on Carmen as she struggled to answer through her anger. “Doug didn’t want to say anything. Things had been going so well that he figured it was over. I should have known that he wasn’t ready…” The tears started to stream down her face as she said the last words.

“Carmen, you cannot beat yourself up too much. What’s done is done.” Sister Mary Francis piped up with the unwanted words of wisdom from where she stood on the fringes of the group.

Carmen’s gaze rounded on her, her mind exploding with the weight of the words. “You think to leave him out there don’t you? You have no right to just leave him out there!”

Bill answered for the Sister. “We have to wait before we can go out. It’s going to be dark soon and there’s no telling what we could encounter on the streets.”

“He won’t survive the night…” Carmen begged, trying to implore them to go out again, even in the face of certain danger. “We need to go out and find him.”

Sister Mary Frances and Bill shared a look between them; no one was leaving the church that night and there were no words that would make it happen.

“I’m sorry Carmen,” said Sister Mary Francis, her voice filled with regret and compassion.

Carmen’s eyes blazed with anger before falling into a state of dejection. She knew there was nothing she could do to change their minds. Going to her cubicle, she lay down on the bed and tried not to let her sobs interrupt the rest of the community.


As the sun set, Doug knew he needed to move. He knew he needed to get off the street, but his arms and legs wouldn’t obey his commands.

And to make matters worse he could hear the unmistakable vocalizations of the undead in the distance, getting closer by the minute.

All rights reserved © 2014 Julianne Snow

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