AtoZ2014: Menu


Carmen and Doug backtracked to the front desk having noticed the wall of keys that hung behind it. It was lucky for them since physical keys meant they wouldn’t have to break down any doors. With the hotel having lost power, there was no way of telling if any magnetic locks would have remained secure unless they tried them—real keys meant they didn’t have to worry. It also meant they could lock the door behind them, giving them a feeling of security against any others who might wander through the hotel looking for safety.

Grabbing all of the keys for the first and second floor, they set off up the stairs to see which rooms still had minibar items. Cautiously opening the first door, they found the room fairly untouched. Clothes and luggage had been left behind in the haste to leave, but that was the only thing that spoke to the room having been used before the event. It never crossed their mind as they searched that all the keys had been in place behind the front desk…

Grabbing up the bottles of water, soda pop, chocolate bars and packages of macadamia nuts, they moved onto the next room. It continued like that for a few hours before it got too dark for them to see where there were going. Deciding to stay in the second room they entered on the second floor, they laid out their haul on one of the double beds.

“Look at all of this! I feel like we’ve won the lottery,” Doug said as fingered one of the chocolate bars they’d found.

“I know, but we need to be careful about what we eat. We could easily go overboard and shock our systems with all this sugar” Carmen returned as she stared at the pile on the clean-ish sheets. “If we ration this, it should last us a few weeks.”

Doug lay down on the other bed, propping his hands behind his head. “Hey, how about we order some room service? I’m sure they have a menu somewhere…”

Carmen shot him a look, thinking it cruel he brought up gourmet food when there was no way they’d be able to have any of it. Her stomach growled as she answered, “Stop playing around Doug, it’s not funny.”

“Sorry.” Doug’s eyes were downcast, letting Carmen know he’d only been trying to have some fun with her.

Feeling bad, she plucked up a chocolate bar, a packet of nuts and a can of Coke Zero, and climbed onto the bed beside him. Holding them out to him as a peace offering, she said, “Let’s indulge a little tonight? Surely we’ve earned it.”

Doug’s smile was answer enough. “Hey maybe we can check out the kitchen tomorrow? There might be lots of canned goods left untouched.”

“Sure thing babe, we’ll check tomorrow.”

All rights reserved © 2014 Julianne Snow

7 thoughts on “AtoZ2014: Menu

  1. All the keys in place…. I guess warm pop is better than none. Oh dear this is the calm before the storm, maybe

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