AtoZ2014: Ink


It was a narrow escape and one the pair was not going to debate at all. They were going to take their new-found weapon and get the hell out of the area. Carmen and Doug really had no other choice. More monsters would come and the duo had no desire to die.

They rushed down the street, wary of what they would find, but knowing they needed to move. There was no way they were going to back toward the apartment building as there was no telling what their reception would be this time.

Rounding a corner, they saw a group of the undead milling up by the next intersection. In quick succession, they spun back around the corner, stopping to collect their breaths and figure out what to do next. They couldn’t go forward and crossing the intersection would be suicide.

Carmen and Doug backtracked to the previous intersection and went the opposite way. It would take them closer to where they used to call home, but there was no escaping it. They needed to find somewhere to stay and they needed to find it fast.

Spying a police station up ahead, they headed for it, wondering if there were any weapons left inside. Not that they’d stop, there wasn’t time, but it wouldn’t hurt to know where stations existed for future use.

Pulling up short in front of the façade they were surprised by the ink that covered the outside of the structure. It had been tagged and tagged heavily.

Carmen’s eyes scanned for a message; she’d seen tagging like this before and knew it meant help. “Convenience Store: knock twice.”


“It’s help. Let’s go.”

Doug could do nothing else but trust her. For most of the outbreak, everything had been down to her, especially when he’d been forced to stay inside for fear he would freeze out in the open.

They ran up the street, desperately searching for a convenience store and hoping they hadn’t chosen the wrong direction. Finally seeing it up ahead, Carmen ran to the door and knocked twice, her breath coming in huge gasps.

A piece of paper tacked to the inside of the glass door fluttered, then moved, as a face pressed up against its surface. There was a smile then a wave before the door opened.

All rights reserved © 2014 Julianne Snow

Inspiration Only…

11 thoughts on “AtoZ2014: Ink

  1. Gosh, hope the convenience store is their salvation…but I’m thinking there’s gonna be a twist somewhere in there 😦 poor doug and carmen

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