AtoZ2014: Ginger


After getting the okay from the spotters on the second floor, Carmen eased the door open, still half expecting something to be waiting for them. Seeing nothing was there, she walked out into the warm sunshine and was soon joined by Doug.

“You’ll find the trail just over that hill. You can follow it all the way into the neighbourhood on the other side of Cricket’s Pond.” Rupert pointed in front of him as he spoke. “I’m sure you’ll be able to find a place to stay somewhere over there.”

“Thank you.”

Rupert closed the door, leaving Carmen and Doug alone. Again.

The walked until they were over the hill and saw the path through the woods. Looking back, they saw they were sheltered by the foliage and the height of the hill, and stopped.

“What do you think we should do?” Doug looked at his wife while asking the question.

“I’ll be damned if I’m going to walk through these woods. I don’t care how light out it is, they seem to want to know where we are a little too much for my liking.” Carmen glanced back toward the building, almost expecting to see someone.

“So what do we do?”

“Let’s get back to the street and see what else we can find. It’s a big city and there are bound to be other survivors out there.”

The pair set off to their left, taking a wide berth around the apartment building. While they were sure that anyone could see them from any of the windows, they still wanted to make it clear to the inhabitants that they were leaving and didn’t want any trouble.

Coming out onto the street, Carmen looked around. It was Hyde Street, home to her once favourite restaurant—Ginger and Spice. Her mouth watered at the memory of her favourite dish; a spicy concoction of chicken, ginger and Thai chilies. But the front was boarded up and they had long ago stopped serving fragrant dishes.

Looking up and down the barren thoroughfare, they decided to head right, further away from the apartments. They knew they would need to find a place to spend the night and they needed to find it soon.

All rights reserved © 2014 Julianne Snow

12 thoughts on “AtoZ2014: Ginger

  1. Phew, I’m kinda glad they didn’t head into the forest because zombies and other bad things like to hide among trees and bushes, I’m sure. And the mention of Thai food is making me salivate…

  2. Now I’m hungry. no time to eat today – computer issues.
    i hope this isn’t published anywhere – found a typo

    Now let’s see how well they do finding a safe spot for the night

  3. I’m glad they didn’t go through the woods, don’t think that would have been a good move. Zombies could have been shuffling around there anywhere. Clever how Carmen then found her favourite restaurant, the dish she recalled sounded delicious.

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