How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: New Skill!

Many of you out there know I am a Walking Dead fan. I enjoy watching the show and from time to time, I sit on my couch and scream at the television. Everything is so easy and logical from where I sit, but I’m not sure that I’d be so level-headed if put into the situations the survivors experience.

That being said, someone please tell me why there wasn’t a rendezvous point of some kind discussed?? When the prison was overtaken, everyone scattered. I get that it may have been from necessity, but surely there must have been some forethought?

We all knew the fence wasn’t going to hold up, especially not with the increasing pressure from the growing hordes. So the threat of needing to leave the prison had to have crossed someone’s mind at some point. And why would it happen in an organized manner?

So this is my advice to you – if you find yourself in any situation where you may be separated from your group: even in the world we live in today not just during the Zombie Apocalypse, take a moment to arrange a central rendezvous point to meet at should you all get separated.

It’s really not a bad idea. And should there be something particularly terrible going on, have a secondary rendezvous point. It only makes sense.

Besides, you’ll likely have a better shot of reuniting with your group and it may help to alleviate any unneeded panic in searching…

4 thoughts on “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: New Skill!

  1. I think you’ll find this issue along with many other common sense issue were not addressed properly by these people. For example the growing zombie hordes around the prison seemed to be an afterthought. They could have used basic roman military spear tactics of rotating lines to keep their people fresh. In 3-4 hours per day of active spearing they could have killed 1000 zombies with lets say teams of 12. Everybody was more interested in farming, making relations, and camping in their cell.

    1. I know! It floors me sometimes… In fact I think the only time I’ve really seen anyone prepare to any degree was when Rick came across Morgan again. Sure he was a little bit crazy, but his space was engineered to give him space. It was brilliant!

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