Spotlight Saturdays: How Long Would Survive After the Apocalypse?

Have you ever wondering if you have the skills to survive? Well someone has come up with a little quiz to see how long you’d survive…

How Long Would You Survive After the Apocalypse?

I took the quiz and found out I’d survive 50 years!! Let me know how long you’d survive!

15 thoughts on “Spotlight Saturdays: How Long Would Survive After the Apocalypse?

  1. A friend was one of the writers in Fauxpocalypse: A collection of short fiction about the end of the world that wasn’t

    I haven’t rec’d the book yet but it should be different!

  2. I have often wondered this, mainly because I read The Walking Dead comic. Man, that’s not a happy read! And if there’s one thing i’ve observed, it is that this question goes beyond skills and resourcefulness. It’s a question of the will to stay alive, right? After awhile, staying alive isn’t a matter of sheer instinct anymore, its a matter of choice. And that’s really hard in a post-apocalyptic world where everything becomes intangible and loss seems constant.

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