How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Alternative Uses!

Okay this one may seem a little out there to some, but after the end, you`re really going to need to think outside the box. And it`s a good thing to know what items can be used for other purposes. Today, we`ll discuss what you can do with a tea bag after you`ve made a fresh cup…

So what can you re-purpose used tea bags for…

  • Soothe a sunburn
  • Soothe a cut or scrape
  • Use as compost in the garden
  • Soothe the tender skin under the eyes – may not seem like something geared toward surviving after the end, but everyone needs to de-stress once in a while
  • Wart and blemish treatment – simply place loose leaf or bagged tea over the wart or blemish for 30 minutes a day and voila – it will dry it up!
  • Add it to baked goods or other dishes for a different flavour – you`re still going to need to eat so why not make it taste good…
  • Can be used as a hair dye – while it`s not going to cover your most persistent grey, it can give your hair a reddish or light brown hue
  • Soften skin when applied as a toner
  • Relieves poison ivy
  • Can be used to help alleviate the smell of stinky feet – just soak those smells away!
  • Can help to alleviate toothaches!
  • Can be used as a fire starter

If you know of any more uses – let me know!

3 thoughts on “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Alternative Uses!

  1. This is probably the one thing I would keep for myself in the Zombie apocalypse. I love a nice cuppa tea and I really cannot imagine a world without a nice cuppa tea. The used teabags can also be used as compost as well, so nothing to waste. Yes, the humble tea bag would be just as essential as ever in the Zombie apocalypse.

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