How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: New Tool!

Okay this one might throw you all for a loop but as I enjoy researching these things, it would seem I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it to you…

When the Zombies attack, you’re going to want to have a supply of Olive Oil. It doesn’t matter if it’s extra virgin or first cold pressed though if you plan on ingesting it as well, it’s better to have a higher quality oil. It will also likely last a little longer in your pack as well, though admittedly some of the alternate uses don’t stop being valuable if your olive oil has turned.

So how can you use olive oil??

  • shave
  • control hair frizz
  • cuticle oil – hangnails are a bitch!
  • free a stuck zipper – soak a cotton swab in olive oil, swab on stuck zipper teeth and then gently pull down
  • lip balm
  • stop snoring – a sip before bed could help by lubricating your throat muscles
  • cure an earache – soaked cotton swab in the ear can help; also helps to clear out excess ear wax
  • treat lice – apply and leave on for 40 minutes, then wash hair twice
  • stop a throat tickle
  • fix a squeaky door
  • personal lubricant – apparently it works very well…
  • easy clean up for tools – helps to cut down on built-up blood and dirt
  • condition leather
  • cure diaper rash
  • treat dry skin

Lots of uses and if you can think of more, let me know!

6 thoughts on “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: New Tool!

  1. In the old days, football players used to coat their jerseys with vaseline so when a defender tried to grab them they couldn’t, their hands would slip right off. I suppose the same could be done with olive oil if you had to get through a bunch of them 🙂

  2. Wow, useful! I cook with this all the time, and pour it over salads, and I used to smooth out split ends with it when my hair reached my butt at University (cheaper than posh conditioning treatments). But did you know (stumbled on this a few weeks ago) that it reacts badly with heat and turns toxic, so you’re best not to actually cook with it? The best alternative is apparently coconut oil, which has great health benefits AND doesn’t ruin when heated up. I’m not a fan of even the idea of that however, so I’m sticking to OO! 🙂

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