How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: New Tool!

How many of you have ever sat around and thought about the uses of common household items? Recently I talked to you about the uses of the humble rubber band and to say that some of you were surprised at its versatility would be an understatement. So with that thought in mind, I present to you the paperclip.

Now hear me out! Paperclips are extremely versatile and can be used for many little jobs once the zombies attack. Consider:

  • Lock picker
  • Fingernail and cuticle cleaning tool
  • A finger or toe splint
  • Unclogger of nozzles
  • Emergency diaper pin
  • Emergency hair pin
  • Meat Skewer (just don’t hold it over the fire yourself…)
  • Keeps important papers together
  • Will help mark your page in a map book
  • Will help mark your page in your Zombie Survival Guide
  • Helpful when clamping an artery
  • Useful to massage the ear and clear away ear wax (use the rounded end!)
  • Useful to help tell time (use it as a sundial)
  • Useful as a button or clasp (no one wants their pants falling down… Especially when you’re trying to flee!Re)
  • Removes heavy plaque from teeth
  • You can string a bunch together to make a chain maille vest (extra protection from Zombie bites)
  • Zipper pull replacement

The uses really are endless… So stock up people!

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