Zombie Film Fridays: Cargo

So I’ve been seeing the link for Cargo being passed around Facebook over the past few days and I decided to sit down and watch the short film the other day. I have to say I was blown away. So much packed into such a tiny package. Watch it – I’d love to hear your thoughts! Cargo was a finalist for Tropfest 2013 and besides that, I don’t know much about it, but I give an A++!

3 thoughts on “Zombie Film Fridays: Cargo

  1. Wow, that is incredible! What a fantastic short film, so clever how they crammed so much into such a short little film. You say this was a finalist, did it win? I think it should have, its great. Haunting soundtrack as well

      1. Thank you very much Julianne, I’ll be sure to check out that link to Tropfest 2013 Really enjoyed Balloon, it was great, look forward to checking out the other finalists as well.

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