Zombie Film Fridays: Return of the Living Dead

As Zombies movies go, Return of the Living Dead might be one of the creepiest but cheesiest ones around! I love it!

When a bumbling pair of employees at a medical supply warehouse accidentally release a deadly gas into the air, the vapors cause the dead to re-animate as they go on a rampage through Louisville, Kentucky seeking their favorite food, brains.

My Rating: A

Interesting Facts: Tobe Hooper was originally slated to direct and it was supposed to be filmed in 3-D, Linnea Quigley’s character was originally going to be called ‘Legs,’ but was later changed to ‘Trash’, the movie was shot in six weeks, and the two heroes of the movie are names Burt and Ernie, obviously an ironic reference to the popular Sesame Street characters, right? Wrong – turns out Dan O’Bannon didn’t know he was using the names of the two beloved children’s show’s puppets.

And now it’s time for the trailer!

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