S is for Shaun of the Dead

One cannot simply have an A to Z list of Zombie films without mentioning Shaun of the Dead! The first time I saw this film, I think I laughed until I cried. I LOVE it!!!

Shaun doesn’t have a very good day, so he decides to turn his life around by getting his ex to take him back, but he times it for right in the middle of what may be a zombie apocalypse… But for him, it’s an opportunity to show everyone he knows how useful he is by saving them all. All he has to do is survive… And get his ex back.

My Rating: A+

Interesting Fact: When Shaun and the group are running out of Liz’s flat they are all carrying weapons of some kind, but only Shaun actually hits any zombies. This was because only the cricket bat that Shaun was carrying was a padded fake, all the other items were real and would have hurt the extras playing zombies if they had been hit with them.

Honourable Mentions for the letter S: Severed: Forest of the Dead, Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, Survival of the Dead

And now it’s time for the trailer!

3 thoughts on “S is for Shaun of the Dead

  1. One of my favourite horror movies and comedies combined. I love Simon Pegg and everything he does!

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