A to Z Bonus Post: My Favourite Zombie Video Game Turned Movie Franchise

For my bonus post today, I would like to talk about my favourite (Zombie) video games turned into movies: the Resident Evil franchise. I can remember playing the game and completely immersing myself in the world of the S.T.A.R.S. and then when the first movie came out, it was a departure from the game, but still believably set inside the world. Since the release of the first film, it’s been an enjoyable ride watching Alice survive.

The first movie in the franchise, sets up the subsequent films and introduces you to many of the characters you will encounter throughout. The only ones that are static throughout the entire franchise are Alice and the undead. Alice is played by the magnificent Milla Jovovich and she is supported along the way by a number of fabulous actors: Michelle Rodriguez, Sienna Guillory, Mike Epps, Oded Fehr, and Ali Larter to name but a few.

I reviewed the franchise over on DarkMediaOnline and you can check out my reviews of each of the movies should you like:

Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Resident Evil: Retribution

Since my movie for the letter R is not Resident Evil – let’s take a moment to look at it:

A virus has escaped in a secret facility called “The Hive,” turning the staff into hungry zombies and releasing the mutated Lab “Animals” that they were studying. The complex computer shuts down the base to prevent infection. The parent corporation sends in an elite military unit, where they meet Alice, who is suffering from amnesia due to exposure to nerve gas. The military team must shut down the computer and get out, fighting their way past zombies, mutants, and the computer itself, before the virus escapes and infects the rest of the world. Alice must also come to terms with her slowly returning memories.

My Rating: A

Interesting Fact: The film was originally titled ‘Resident Evil: Ground Zero’, but the title was changed to just ‘Resident Evil’ after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks on the USA, the password into the Red Queen’s Chamber is “12177”, and even though they’re everywhere, the word “zombie” is never spoken in this film.

There are also tonnes of references to Alice in Wonderland… Main character’s name is Alice. Computer is named ‘Red Queen’. ‘The Red Queen’ needs to kill someone who is infected, so she tries to get someone else to chop off their head (Off with her head!). There is an Alice in Wonderland paperweight in the movie. A white rabbit was use to test the T-virus. To enter the hive they go through a mirrored door (through the looking-glass). The Red Queen also succeeds in cutting off “her” head (the medic in the laser hallway). – Kaplan worries about time, as the White Rabbit does. Matt is sitting on the ledge when Rain and JD hear the first zombie (reference to the Caterpillar).

And now it’s time for the trailer!

15 thoughts on “A to Z Bonus Post: My Favourite Zombie Video Game Turned Movie Franchise

  1. Even if I put aside my inherent bias towards the games, I can’t help but feel a little tired of Alice. She’s too good at everything! When watching the films, I can’t help but say, “I know how this is going to end- Alice is going to live, everything is going to explode, and giant mutant creatures will live for the sake of a sequel.” Although the first two were great, as Nina pointed out- she wasn’t a man-made warrior goddess in those.

    1. Technically in the second one she was as well 😉 They injected her with the T-Virus at the end of the first movie and had her break out of Umbrella’s research facility at the beginning of the second one. As for them being somewhat predictable in that Alice will live through them, doesn’t the main character (played by you) survive to the end of the video game (provided of course that you have the skill to make it to the end!)?

      To each their own, I loved them and I’m glad that they made movies borrowing on elements of the video games 🙂

      1. True, true, you got me on the second movie, and I did like the semi-accurate-to-the-games point, though I couldn’t believe they stole Wesker’s heart-stopping punch and gave it to someone else.

        That’s just a personal flaw though. I admit I’m a bit of a Wesker fanboy, but I loved him as much for his power as for his weaknesses. And yes, as movies in and of themselves, they were fun to watch.

      2. I myself haven’t played all of the games because I really can’t sit in front of a console for that long and concentrate, but for a crossover movie franchise, they’re really very good.

        Thank you for your comments Alex – I always enjoy a good discussion 🙂

  2. Love this movie. I totally suck at video games – I seriously get dizzy trying to manage my way through them, except the golf ones which probably don’t count.

    Even though you may have a bazillion followers, I nominated you for the Liebster Award today because I love your blog. I’m new and rarely follow the rules. The info is on my blog.

      1. Absolutely, number three was a complete let down (minus the shower fight scene – and at that, the wire work was still sloppy). That’s what happens when our expectations get raised too high.

      2. hmmm… I guess that one must have been crap too. I thought the one where they whole up in the prison was #3… I have to revisit them. 1 & 2 are the ones I keep on my DVR 😉

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