J is for Juan of the Dead

As a lover of Zombie movies (I should think that’s obvious by now), I thought that I would give Juan of the Dead a chance to wow me. In the end, I thought it was an enjoyable movie.

Juan is a slacker trying to reconnect with his daughter, who plans to rejoin her mother in Miami. Lazaro, Juan’s friend, is trying to connect with his own son, a persistent womanizer. They begin to notice that locals are “going crazy”, killing people and eating their flesh, and the recently deceased are returning to life. The Cuban government and the media claim that the zombies are dissidents revolting against the government. Juan starts a business to profit off of killing the zombies, but the group may soon find their own lives at risk.

My Rating: C+

Interesting Fact: Alejandro Brugués has stated that the English speaking character’s unspoken plan was to steal Granma, the yacht Fidel Castro used to sail to Cuba, from the Museum of the Revolution in Havana and use it to sail off the island.

Honourable Mentions for the letter J: Sadly, I have none for you 😦

And now it’s time for the trailer!

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