I is for I Sell The Dead

The first time that I tried to watch I Sell the Dead, I just wasn’t in the mood for it. When I gave it a second try, I was delightfully surprised. If you have yet to see it, give it a try!

18th century justice catches up with a pair of grave robbers. With only a few hours to go before his date with the guillotine, Arthur Blake tells his life story to Father Francis Duffy. Before long, Arthur spills the beans on how he got started in the grim corpse peddling business with seasoned ghoul Willie Grimes.

My Rating: B

Interesting Fact: A graphic novel of the film has been released, with Glenn McQuaid writing and illustrations by Brahm Revel (October, 2009).

Honourable Mention for the letter I: I Am Legend

And now it’s time for the trailer!

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