E is for The Evil Dead

E is for The Evil Dead, a classic with a remake hitting theaters today (April 5, 2013)!

Five friends go up to a cabin in the woods, where they find unspeakable evil lurking in the forest. They find a tome called the Necronomicon (Book of the Dead), and the taped translation of the text. Once the tape is played, the evil is released. One by one, the teens are possessed. With only one remaining, it is up to him to survive the night and battle the evil dead.

My Rating: A

Interesting Fact: Characters’ hairstyles, as well as the amount of blood on them, change drastically from shot to shot – a result of shooting the film sporadically over several years.

Honourble Mentions for the letter E: Eaters (Italian), Ed and his Dead Mother

And now for the trailer!

10 thoughts on “E is for The Evil Dead

  1. My dad made me bunk off school so he could come round and watch this on our video recorder (he didn’t have one and I lived with my mum, who did, and went to work). I’d have been around eleven and this became a bad habit of his, and a learning curve for me. I learned Vicks vapour rub could mimic a cold (making my eyes and nose run) enough to convince my mum I needed to stay home from school, and that I loved horror, in spite of the nightmares. This was one of the first of those movies days, so it holds a special place in my memories. Great choice! X

  2. As bad as the production value is (on both versions), I absolutely love the Evil Dead films!! As to continuity, watch the commentary version – even the actors and director readily admit there is none! That’s part of the charm. “We’re gonna kill you” in the sing-song children’s voice followed by the giggle gets me every time. And I’m not sure, but I think it might only be in the second one, but ‘It went bad, so I lobbed it off” – another favorite line. Horror cheese at its finest! This is a must watch Birthday slamabration movie every year! Thank you for a great ‘E’ day post!! (Julianne – you rock!)

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