Zombie Blog Hop: Zombies Vs. Predators

Today I have a special treat for you all. I am participating in the Zombie Blog Hop (organized by Jolie du Pre and the rest of the participants can be seen if you click on the link for the Zombie Blog Hop) and I have decided to resurrect one of my favourite types of posts from Coffin Hop – the Zombie Vs. Series. I will likely be doing more of these in the future and perchance it will become a regular feature. Don’t forget to comment and tell me who you think would reign victorious! One lucky commenter will win a digital version of Days with the Undead: Book One!

Zombies Vs. Predators

To continue the series of which creature or monster would persevere in a Zombie Apocalypse; let us now consider a battle between Zombies and Predator (as a follow-up to the popular Zombies Vs. Xenomorphs). For those of you not familiar with what a Predator is consider the movie franchise of the same name and you’ll know what I’m talking about. In order to figure out who might be victorious, we must consider each in turn.

The Zombie: The modern archetype of the Zombie is rooted deep within the genre. Zombies are undead; that’s fairly simple to ascertain. With a voracious hunger, they never stop to rest, and they move whether it’s night or day. They have no preference in whom they will kill and they can add to their ranks with a single, infected bite. The Zombie exists with no subtlety, no brains, and absolutely no subterfuge. That makes them pretty formidable, but how will they stack up against a Predator?

The Predator: Predators are generally depicted as large, intelligent humanoid creatures who possess advanced technology. Active camouflage and energy weapons are the norm and they are capable of interstellar travel. Their bodies are resilient to damage, heck the Predator is capable of recovering from multiple gunshot wounds and doses of radiation which would be fatal to humans. They are much stronger than humans, having been portrayed as being easily capable of besting a conditioned adult human male (think of the tough guys from Predator) and shattering solid concrete with their bare hands. They are skilled climbers; able to scale walls; move through the treetops and across rooftops – all in the pursuit of prey. They can easily distinguish heat signatures from the surrounding environment, which would be helpful to them against a living foe, but a dead one? Perhaps, its inherent hunting and tracking methods would be of no help to them in a world of the Undead. Would the Predator be able to persevere over a world ruled by the Zombie?

By all accounts the Predator is a formidable foe. Their only weakness is that they can be killed, but otherwise they are fairly hefty. They have weapons that can decimate their numbers, but will it make a difference. The fact that they can exist above the ground level may in fact help them to survive long-term while they hunt.

Let’s ask the question: would a Zombie bite affect the Predator? I think the answer to that question is yes, but what would the end result actually be? Would the Predator die and become one of the many, or would the virus simply wreak havoc within its body much like the common cold?

What do you think – would the Zombie come out on top or does the Predator have this one?

31 thoughts on “Zombie Blog Hop: Zombies Vs. Predators

  1. Zombies are my people but I got to give this one to the predators because of thier amazing weapons but there is one xfactor. Predators are used to hunting cunning prey, prety that knows how to use the enviroment to their advantage, zombies wouldn’t be the same. Predators train thier entire lives to hunt Xenomorphs which usually stay small in numbers but zombies spread quickly. In the god awful AVP film the predators are shown unable to deal with a large group of Xenomorphs (though considering how bad that movie was I won’t hold it against you if you don’t count it) so how would they deal with a ton of zombies. Yes, the Xenomorphs move quicker and have better reflexes but how many zombies are there going to be when they attack the predators, that species doesn’t seem to socialize much, no drinking games for them.

    1. I agree with much of what you’ve said, however, I can’t help but wonder if the Predator’s ability to cloak themselves while tracking and hunting would not ultimately benefit them. I agree that in large groups, the Zombies just may have it, but I still think the Predator(s) would be able to make a decent dent as long as they used stealth.

  2. I would have to give this fight to the Predator(s). Why? Well, consider how the main advantage the zombies would have in such a conflict is their strength of numbers, along with their lack of experiencing actual physical pain. That can be daunting, no doubt, but Predators are well trained & experienced with handling superior numbers during the hunt, and they are quite resistant to pain themselves due to a combo of their impressive constitution and paramilitary training. Second, they are master strategists, whereas zombies – slow or fast versions – are, well …not. They just shamble and attack potential food sources (read: humans or perhaps humanoids in general) with reckless abandon, without exercising any degree of coherent thought or planning. Predators could easily outmaneuver zombies in this regard. Further, their various bladed weapons could quickly deprive scores of attacking zombies of their heads, and their plasma-projecting shoulder canons can literally blow up the heads of a whole group of attacking zombies in succession, or at least deprive them of enough of their limbs to render them immobile.

    Now, a bigger question I must ask is the following: As an extra-terrestrial life form, would zombies even be able to utilize Predator flesh as a food source? From what we have seen, I think Predator physiology – with their iridescent green blood – is more than different enough from human flesh and blood that the zombies may not find it compatible with their ‘undead’ systems as a viable meal. The question as to what effect, if any, a bite from the type of zombie that spreads a virogen would have on an alien Predator has been addressed by other commenters here, and all I can say in this limited space with any degree of authority is, “I really don’t know. But hmmmm …” The only conjecture I feel comfortable with giving here is that may intend on whether or not the virogen was extra-terrestrial in origin and thus adaptable to many different planetary physiognomies, or if it was strictly Earth-based and would only effect humans.

    And finally, would zombie vision be able to pick up Predators using their cloaking technology? I do not recall seeing anything in any of the myriad zombie flicks I’ve viewed to suggest they have superior visual acuity to living humans, so the Predators may have it all over zombies with stealth also. There is the question of whether or not zombies can somehow smell potential food, and maybe a cloaked Predator too, but I never really saw the matter of zombie sensory capacity in comparison to living humans addressed in any film, and since they are essentially decaying beings, would their five physical senses tend to decrease the more their bodies decay? I’m hesitant to speculate too much on this one, however. I think your opinion on this matter would be very insightful, Julie 🙂

    So, all things considered, my vote for this battle goes to the Preds!

  3. I gotta be honest, this is a fight that I can’t pick because zombies are not my area of expertise and I’ve yet to see any of the Predator movies. In my uber-scientific stats-based hyphen-filled prognostication, I’ll go with Predator based on intelligence and guns.

  4. Excellent post! I’ll go with Predators. The classic Zombie isn’t necessarily aggressive or a trained hunter; they are simply functioning on the need for sustenance: brains. The viral, bad-ass, fast moving Zombie might get a hold of a predator, but they’d still have to bite through a suit of armor to either devour or infect the Predator. Tech glitches aside, because there would be some, the Predator takes it. Besides, if it gets really hairy here on Zombie infested Earth, the Predator can always call for a lift and bug out before being dominated. And that’s not a win for the Zombie, it’s more like hitting pause on your Play Station or Xbox so you can run to the ‘fridge for a soda and some strategy planning! ;}

    1. Or a quick bathroom break from all of the pop (Americans read: soda) you’ve already consumed!

      Thanks for piping in Nina – I do think the Predators have this one as well, unless there was something that prevented it from wearing it’s armour and it couldn’t get off the ground.

  5. That’s very interesting idea of who would win between zombies and predator. Naturally, I think Predator might have but I forgot there’s no heat in zombies. One thing came to my mind, though, zombies’ brains are still functioning since they needed them to be able to walk and eat. Which led me to thinking maybe the only heat source would be the brains. Therefore, the only heat source predators would see will be the brains. One blast to the heat source, they’re dead.

    Zombies infected Predators would also be awesome. Terrifying at the same time. Strengths would doubled and their head probably will be protected by their armor helmets which made it physically difficult to shoot them in the heads.

    Wow that sure make me think harder. LOL Great post!

    1. Thanks Zach! You make some excellent points – I wonder if the brain would show up as hotter in infrared… I do have to wonder if we’ll ever know the answer to that however. And the Zombie Predator has just made me terrified that it could happen. That would make an awesome movie to say the least!

    2. My money’s on the Predators all the way. The zombies’ greatest advantage is their numbers and the Predators’ speed and agility clearly take that away. They can leap between trees and buildings, avoiding the horde altogether, and unlike humans who rely on brute strength and overwhelming firepower (ala Battle of Yonkers) Predators rely on precision, tecnhique and flanking manuevers. They also move in small groups which is a must in the Apocolypse.

      That’s my two cents, anyway.

    1. You’re with the majority on this one Tami! Personally I think each would persevere in different situations, so it’s definitely a hard one to judge!

      Once I’m on my computer, I’ll be able to visit the rest of the Zombie Blog Hoppers 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh man! I love Predator but I think a hoard of zombies would win. One on one, my vote is for Predator. The downside- Predators would not be good hunters of the zombies since they could not heat-detect them. Great post! I mentioned you in my Zombie Blog Hop post. :p

    1. Thanks Lisa! I appreciate the support! I would have to agree that Predator wouldn’t be able to see a heat signature with the Zombie, but they could likely still physically see them in order to hunt – that is of course if you believe that the Predator can see (which I do!). This is a hard one to judge!

  7. I’m pretty sure I answered this before when I visited your blog during the famous Coffin Hop. My answer is ZOMBIES. Get enough fast-moving zombies, and predators would be toast. Enough slow-moving could probably pull it off, but there would have to be enough of them. In order for predators to rule, there would have to be a massive amount of predators compared to zombies.

  8. I think the zombies would eventually infect the predators and then a new zombie creature would join the horde, The armor and weapons of the predator would fall away and we would have naked predators and the zombie horde walking the earth in search of food! Zombies infect, transform, and collect — and it goes on and on and on!

    1. Great thought Renee! I love the line ‘Zombie infect, transform, and collect’!! And you’re absolutely correct, they would do their best to assimilate. I do have to ask though, what if the Predators never had to be on ground level? Could the Predators eventually destroy the Zombies if they never needed to have actual contact with them?

  9. I’d have to say, Predator would be victorious. They’re suits/masks shield them from the bite of the undead–which is a zombie’s only weapon. But Eddie rotten has stated an interesting fact about the space virus…so in actuality…is the Predator a more advanced version of the Zombie? Just to toss a ? back atcha! Great Vs question!

    1. I’m not sure I can buy into the Predator as a more advanced Zombie, but it certainly is an excellent question. I have to wonder if you’re going to be the only person to choose the Predator over Zombie. I do believe that if the Predators could hunt the Zombie without ever having to touch the ground that they would win, but if they had to be on equal footing, the Zombies would take it.

  10. Some people like me, assume that zombies originated from space. Much like the tough as nails Predator. So we have to assume, if they’re both from space, they would both battle in large numbers instead of one on one. Then, we have to take into account ‘what kind’ of zombies are we talking? Slow zombies wouldn’t stand a chance against the sophisticated technology of the Predators. But running zombies could over run just about any opponent in large numbers. So, since they are both fictional creatures, fabricated by our need feel dominate in the universe; I have to give this one to…. The ZOMBIES! They’ve made more movies. So naturally, they kick more ass. Subconsciously, we have already ‘chosen’ the winner of this battle. The world likes ZOMBIES better. Thanks for listening.

      1. I think that’s quite possible when you consider the main reason why Superman defeated Thor during their one-on-one battle in the 2006 JLA/AVENGERS crossover mini-series …the disparity between the two heroes’ general popularity & media recognition seems to have given the Man of Steel the edge he needed (but of course, this was before the disaster of “Superman Returns” and the big hit of Marvel’s “Thor” film in 2011). When it comes to the realm of horror in any particular medium, there can be no doubt that the zombies have it all over the Predators in terms of overall popularity and media presence; after all, how many books with re-tellings of classic novels or fairy tales that incorporate Predators into the mix are there compared to the many that add zombies to the story? (Yup, nada! LOL!). In fact, the Predator novels once published by Dark Horse now seem to have fallen by the wayside, whereas there are more novels coming out featuring zombies these days than ever before (and I must confess to penning my own contribution to the popular classic fairy tales/zombie mash-ups with “Little Dead Riding Hood,” which has the esteemed distinction of being rejected three times already!). Hey, maybe it would be cool to see a book with a Predator hunting Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, or the characters from the novel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, but right now both tales have been re-told with zombies only!

        Btw, I once had a website that collected votes on these very types of battles, and I hope to revive it one day! Thank you for the inspiration with this section of your blog, Julie 🙂

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