Zombies Vs. Xenomorphs

Yesterday we considered a battle between Zombies and Screamers, what side did you come down on? Today, let’s talk Zombies versus Xenomorphs…

To continue the series of which creature or monster would persevere in a Zombie Apocalypse, let us now consider a battle between Zombies and Xenomorphs. For those of you not familiar with a Xenomorph think of the Alien franchise and you’ll know what I’m talking about. In order to figure out who might be victorious, we must consider each in turn.

The Zombie: The modern archetype of the Zombie is rooted deep within the genre. Zombies are undead; that’s fairly simple to ascertain. With a voracious hunger, they never stop to rest, and they move whether it’s night or day. They have no preference in whom they will kill and they can add to their ranks with a single, infected bite. The Zombie exists with no subtlety, no brains, and absolutely no subterfuge. That makes them pretty formidable, but how will they stack up against a Xenomorph?

The Xenomorph: As a predatory creature with no intelligence other than to propagate their own species, Xenomorphs are a ferocious foe. They are a social species with a single fertile Queen that the rest will protect with stunning violence. Don’t let that fool you however, as the Queen contains quite a nasty streak herself. Their life cycle involves a fairly terrifying face sucking session with a parasitic, tail wielding spider-type creature resulting in impregnation. The resulting egg matures into a larvae which then bursts forth from your chest when you least expect it. The Xenomorph has acid for blood and a hard exoskeleton making it seriously hard to kill. It can be done, but can it be done by a Zombie?

By all accounts the Xenomorph is a formidable foe. Their only real weakness is that they can be killed, otherwise they are pretty hearty. With acid for blood, they can certainly take down a Zombie if one were to bite it. The Zombie may have a hard time getting through its exoskeleton but once it did, it would be ‘game over man, game over’! The Xenomorph takes the prize in being able to stalk their prey as well. Their ability to scale walls, walk along the ceiling, and attack from multiple directions certainly gives them an advantage over the Zombie.

In large numbers, the Zombie may be able to gain a foothold in the battle, but they would lose many to the acid in the Xenomorph’s system before the eventual takedown. If I had to hazard a guess, I think the Xenomorph’s have this one. I do have an interesting question however and one that would certainly sway favour in either direction depending on what occurred – can a Zombie play host to one of the Xenomorph’s eggs? And if so, what would erupt from the chest of the Zombie? Would it only increase the numbers against the Zombies or would the resulting spawn attack the Xenomorphs? Essentially, Zombies are dead so the eruption through the chest wall would be unlikely to end their lives…

What are your thoughts? Make sure to tell me and you could win a digital copy of Days with the Undead: Book One! One lucky person will even win a cool autographed print version!

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15 thoughts on “Zombies Vs. Xenomorphs

  1. Reading through these posts, disappointed no one has pointed out that the Xenomorphs don’t need (humans) to reproduce. They can use any animal of a suitable size, like dogs, deer, cattle, ect…while zombies require humans to spread. The cunning, acid, strength, armored bodies, other hosts and food sources, the xenomorphs would have this in the bag. That is if they view zombies as food. If the zombies can’t be eaten (which given Xenomorph diet requirements have never been explored beyond being carnivores yet clearly able to survive for long periods without eating) and the zombies don’t target Xenomorphs (zombies tend to only target humans); then they’d be more likely to just ignore each other *unless the Xenomorphs kill them for territorial reasons*.

  2. Xenomorph require living organism to in order to thrive and live on, zombies are diseased chemical corps inedible to xenomorphs, zombies flesh is most dead tissue combined with bio chemical toxic waste plus bacteria that is incurable, brainless as zombies are they would consume themselves even species with great adaption such as Xenomorph, Zombies can’t feel pain so it does not matter to them what they will eat they will just eat it, in order for Xenomorph to live a steady lifespan of a colony live host is need to thrive.

    A group of Predators however will elevate the situation, Predators use hunting a tactic require the environment dead or alive tissue regeneration. Predator would be a great advantage here, to a pack of Predators zombies would become obsolete .

    Plus Xenomorphs would prefer to eat flesh of Predator rather than a dead corps to live on.

    Zombies can live anywhere eat anything because they are all dead composed of dead tissue, in a Zombie apocalypse everything dead or living is fair game

  3. For most people, they would rather take their chances surviving a zombie apocalypse in their world than the Xenomorph end-of-the-world scenario. Why? Because zombies, with your best wits and weapons, are easy to kill or avoid.
    The Xenomorphs, on the other hand, are much more intelligent than you if you don’t have enough guns, wits, and human numbers to counter them. But even though you have everything, the Xenomorphs would always find a way to defeat you.
    So, the Xenomorphs are a win-win over the zombies. They would make humanity 90% extinct than zombies would.
    I also think of a fact that Xenomorphs would try their best to protect humans from the walking dead, so that there will be enough suitable hosts to increase the numbers of their species.
    As an Aliens fan, it is an honor being a victim of the Xenomorphs, because I would rather die having my chest bursted out from my “newborn” than being torn to shreds and eaten alive by these good-for-nothing undead.

  4. Since the xenomorph requires a living organism as a host, zombies would be out of the question. We don’t know how long the xenomorph lifespan is , but the fact that they must reproduce is a factor that is not in their favor. I think that is a field leveler in this battle, and with enough of the zombie hordes it might just be the factor to empower the walking dead to be the overcomers.

    1. Interesting thought Timothy… I do have to wonder if the sheer wiliness of the Xenomorph would help them to evade the masses. Plus they can drop down from higher levels and take them out. Then you have to consider their hard exoskeleton and acid for blood – should a horde get through the exoskeleton, they’d likely be burned beyond recognition. Sort of a lose-lose situation…

      Thank you for your comment!

  5. Well XenoMorphs would win cause think about it How would zombies teeth be strong enough to get through the exoskeleton of the xenomorph therefor the xenomorph wouldn’t get infected and how would zombies know to attack the xenomorph if a zombie doesnt have a brain and xenomorphs could just use there tail and stab it threw a zombie then whack lots of other zombies with the tail and they could use the tail to stab the zombies head in and the zombie would die and if there was lots of zombies and 1 xenomorph the zombies still wouldnt be strong enough to harm the xenomorph cause zombies are just undead humans and humans cant if injure a xenomorph without Heav artillery so xenomorphs Would definetely win

    1. Bit of old posts here but i do love both of them and would like to give my 2 cents.

      With the new World War Z and other movies we cant assume that the zombies are slow and sluggish, and we must assume they use all of there available strengths at all times. I do believe that would be enough to kill a Xenomorph. Another question that needs to be asked, if a facehugger implants an egg would the Zombie try to kill it? It should be able to sense it.

      Now for the Xenomorphs. They are extremely smart, and i know this because they can stalk their prey which requires intelligence. Their 2nd mouth, claws and tale can kill easily, and being able to clime walls and ceilings easy win for the Aliens. The blood brings up some questions, it is very acidic so that can kill the Zombies, but can the Zombie virus be able to live in this acidic environment.

    2. The acid of the Xenomorphs would totally destroy the zombie virus infecting the body . I mean, these perfect organisms are immune to all diseases that can infect and kill humans.
      So, the aliens are a win-win!!!

  6. I’m would love to say Xenomorph because it’s too friggin cool a word not too! LMAO.

    BUT – I’ve got to give this one to Julianne – I’d like to argue that the Xenomorph’s would win based on how difficult it is to kill them, but she has thought this one through very well and brought up the ever important – if they can’t bread, can they honestly survive? Zombies don’t need to gestate, only infect. The Xenomorph requires a period of gestation in (as far as we know) living tissue.

    While I don’t necessarily believe that a Zombie (or even a pack of Zombies) could take out a Xenomorph, something else will. And once it gets chilly, they get sluggish. So all you Canadians and other northerners would more than likely eradicate the sluggish Xenomorph in your area, there by allowing the Zombie to skirt the issue entirely. How you’re going to shoot them into space is another issue all together… better get a Space program, and fast! Or at least snuggle up to a country that already has one!

    Excellent match up!

  7. I don’t think Xenomorphs could use a zombie to breed. Both species will be fighting for the last legs of reign on earth.

    With two complete different genetic make-up, I doubt a zombie could not infect a xenomorph.

    The superior hunting, strength, agility and hidden intelligence the xenomorphs would wipe the floor clean with primative guerrilla warfare. Their spearhead tails give them an extra reach from the grasps of zombie hands.

    Xenomorphs, for sure.

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