Zombies Vs. Screamers

Yesterday we considered the battle of Zombies Vs. The Thing. Which side did you come down on? Hope you left a comment – there are prizes to be won! Don’t forget to leave a comment today as well, there are more prizes! Heck there are prizes all over Coffin Hop… Don’t believe me, check out the rest of the Hopper here!

In a war fought only by zombies and Screamers, who would persevere? Is there one monster that would reign supreme? In order to answer that question, we must first consider each of the creatures in turn.

The Zombie: As I stated in my Zombie versus Vampire argument, the modern archetype of the Zombie is rooted deep in the genre. Zombies are undead; that’s fairly simple to ascertain. They are plagued with a voracious hunger, they never stop to rest, and they move whether it’s night or day. They have no preference in whom they will kill and they can add to their ranks with a single, infected bite. The Zombie exists with no subtlety, no brains, and absolutely no subterfuge. That makes them pretty formidable, but how will they stack up against the Vampire or the Werewolf?

Screamers: For those of you not familiar with this particular monster, they are ‘fictional’ machines created by the Alliance to defend themselves against the NEB. They come in four different types and all emit an incredibly loud, metallic squeal before they attack. The first type, Type 1, embeds themselves in the sand and ambushes any unsuspecting enemies by slicing through limbs and the torso with a circular saw. The revised version of the Type 1 takes on more of a lizard shape and are armed with a buzz saw blade facing forward and mounted vertically in their heads. Type 2 is a class of adult men and women, who are both able to assimilate themselves into groups. While their function is not to kill, they can be very strong and use different tactics to lure their enemies to their deaths. The fourth type, Type 3, are the scariest in my books… These take the form of a small boy holding a teddy bear, pleading to come with you as if it were an orphan. Once inside your compound however, they attack with razor-like teeth and saw blades embedded into their hands.

The Screamer is a fantastic foe that has different ways of affecting victory over the Zombie. The Type 1 can slice and dice from ground level and since they are attracted by movement, the Zombie would have little hope of remaining intact long-term. If a Type 2 were to meet a Zombie, they may get bitten – heck their flesh might even become necrotic, but the underlying machinery would remain a cybernetic weapon however, ultimately doing what it was programmed to do. Even the Type 3 orphaned boy with the teddy bear would be able to get close enough to kill. Since the Zombies would ultimately come to them, their lack of cognitive ability could be their downfall…

So now it’s your turn. Present your argument – let me know who you think would win.

5 thoughts on “Zombies Vs. Screamers

  1. Screamers will win eventually however they were first designed to go after anything with a heart beat, then after that when they evolved it was body heat that set them off, with zombies having neither body heat or heart beat it would take some time for the machines to adapt, Zombies numbers are also finite, they are limited to the amount of humans on the planet where the screamers are limited to resources and factories, but one could argue that when zombies roam the planet that the power grid would be shut down and eventually the screamers will too without a power source. Zombies could win if they could out last the screamers and screamers could win if they adapted to fighting zombies quickly and did so before they ran out of power. In either case i wouldnt want to be around for this match up

  2. Definitely Screamers, partially because of the machinery bit, but also because of the strategic organization of Type 2.

    I remember reading in World War Z that trained dogs would go to the top of a building and bark, luring zombies in nearby buildings to fall off the roof or out of the windows, since they were trying to find and eat the dog. I can only imagine that cybernetic organisms would be able to do that, and more, giving them the final say in this matter.

    *Side note: Do the Screamers eat? If not, then they’ll win by longevity alone, though I’m assuming, for the argument’s sake, that they do.

  3. This is an interesting one. But I’ll agree, the Zombies might get a full belly, but the Screamers come out on top because they are effectively robotic, and would continue to function without the soft candy coating that the Zombie feeds upon. Poor Zombies, this one might not be the Zombie apocalypse, it might just be apocalyptic for the Zombie!

  4. Oh screamers for sure, if they attack anything human like at all, zombies are done for. Being machines and all, I highly doubt a zombie could infect it. Though the exterior may become infected, the working parts inside will obviously not be affected at all.

    Screamers by a long shot, especially if the orphan lures them into an orphanage full of teddy holding screamers….

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