Zombies Vs. Vampires

In a war fought only by zombies and vampires, who would win? Is there one undead creature that would reign supreme? In order to answer that question, we must first consider each of the monsters in turn.

The Zombie: The modern archetype of the Zombie is rooted deep within its genre. Zombies are undead; that’s fairly simple to ascertain. They are plagued with a voracious hunger, they never stop to rest, and they move whether it’s night or day. They have no preference in whom they will kill and they can add to their ranks with a single, infected bite. The Zombie exists with no subtlety, no brains, and absolutely no subterfuge. That makes them pretty formidable, but how will they stack up against the Vampire?

The Vampire:  The modern archetype of the Vampire casts them as an undead creature of the night. They are intelligent and strong but have their fair share of weakness; the biggest of which is their aversion to sunlight. As a result, they can only hunt and kill their prey during nocturnal hours and making them vulnerable to sneak attacks during the day. Vampires are not easily killed but it is possible; exposure to sunlight, decapitation and the handy wooden stake through the heart are all recognized ways to slay them. The only way to add to the Vampiric ranks is via the transfer of infected blood from a Vampire into a non-infected human. Can the suave Vampire hold its own against the Zombie?

Let’s first consider the Vampire’s strengths and weaknesses. Vampires are said to have superhuman powers; speed, strength, smell, the list goes on. At first blush, they appear to have everything they need to ward off hordes of Zombies. Taking a deeper look however, their inability to fight during the day would make them an easy target. There is always the chance that the Undead would stumble across the locales they have chosen to hide their coffins or other sleeping compartments, putting them into prime position when the vampire awakes. It is also beneficial to note that wars rarely happen on schedule – none of the other supernatural creatures are going to cease fighting just because the Vampire needs to go to bed. That’s not the way it works. It should be noted that one bite from a Zombie could result in the Vampire Zombie. New hybrids have the potential to make the war irrelevant.

Does that mean that the Zombie will inherit the earth? Let’s consider this. They pursue doggedly without getting tired. Their bites can infect anything and as they tend to accumulate in larger groups, an attack on one will only result in the perpetrator getting ambushed and bogged down with many more. The Vampire may stand a chance against them but in the end, especially in the event that the Vampire can use its superhuman abilities. But Zombies have that edge in that they can assimilate whomever they come in close enough contact with.

What do all of you think? Agree with my assessment or do you think the Vampire will reign supreme? Don’t forget that one lucky commenter from today will win a digital copy of Days with the Undead: Book One!





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16 thoughts on “Zombies Vs. Vampires

    1. Or perhaps a vambie? I recently had a conversation with someone who seemed to believe that the vampire wouldn’t become infected because as an undead creature as well, it’s blood doesn’t flow thereby just giving them a bad stomach ache. I can’t help but agree with some of that logic!

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  1. Sounds like it’s down to strategic planning or unending, robot-like persistence. Since I like to think that planning helps, I’m going to have to vote Vampire. Mind over matter and all that … well, so long as no one’s yet eaten the mind, brain, whatever. 🙂

  2. I gotta side with Vampires on this one. Maybe I’ve been won over by the charm of these typically smooth-talking and charismatic figures, and I’m not without my love of zombies, but they have a huge advantage here.

    Foremost, depending on the lore you follow, vampires don’t die in sunlight. In Dracula, for instance, the count is only weakened by daylight. Even then, he’s still got enough strength to take on a tag team of Muhammad Ali and Rocky- and that’s assuming they both fight him at once.

    Secondly, zombies are decomposing. Let’s not overlook the fact that a vampire, being immortal, can beat the zombies simply by staring at them for an extended period of time.

    More importantly, vampires can typically fly, turn into bats or have some form of superhuman strength. They can punch a zombie’s head clear off of its shoulders if they wanted to, or vamps could grab a sturdy pipe and smash the zombies to pieces.

    Additionally, zombies are creatures of pure reaction. They tend to stand around or wander aimlessly unless alerted to something’s presence, which means they need sensory input.
    Sight- vampires typically move during the night, meaning they’re hard to see.
    Sound- they are also very stealthy, so they typically are not heard
    Smell- They don’t sweat, so unless they decide to go on a date afterwards and preemptively spray cologne, the zombies are clueless.
    Feel and taste, of course, don’t apply unless the vampire gets caught.

    Finally, the brutal intelligence of a vampire typically gives them an advantage over even the most intelligent human. In Anne Rice’s various vampire novels, they manage to live in plain sight without being noticed. Some even talk to humans or throw lavish parties and the humans stand around waiting for a pair of fangs to swoop by and suck their life out.

    This isn’t counting the Sookie Stackhouse novel vampires, which, though prone to stupid mistakes, are more intelligent and powerful than humans, in addition to their flight powers.

    Side note: Vampires’ are technically already dead, and since they don’t get sick, one could argue that they’d be immune to the zombification viruses, but that’s a whole world of science fiction that one blog post should not go into!

    HOWEVER: If we’re to assume this war is taking place without humans around, I’d have to side with Zombies on the grounds that they’ll last longer without food then a vampire will.

    Barring that very extreme situation, I’m going to have to rule in favor of the vampire- especially if a particular being has had 2000 years to perfect the art of murder.

    1. I hear your points TEC – just one quick thing I happened to think of… What happens when the Zombies, who are assimilating each and every warm-blooded mammal they can into the fold, drains the world of all living blood? What happens to the Vampire then? They cease to exist for lack of nourishment.

      Zombies may be decomposing, but they’ll run out of food after the Vampires 🙂

      1. Don’t worry, I took that into consideration towards the end, in the second-to-last paragraph. Vampires wouldn’t stand a chance if there were no humans/blood sources. Zombies definitely have a higher tolerance for physical extremes (heat, cold, acidity, lack of food…)

        So I guess that begs the question: where, exactly, is this war taking place? Hm… Let me revise my opinion a bit.

        Urban area/ metropolis: Zombies. There’s no way vampires could last in that kind of outbreak zone, regardless of strength.

        Suburban: Vampires- the population is loosely packed, allowing people to run away. Zombies wouldn’t be able to catch their food source, and could even be lured into a single home which would then be blown up, as a trap.

        Rural/Forest area: Vampires again, same reason. Even more so, since the vampires could stalk their prey from the canopy, whereas in suburbia they’d have to leap from roof to roof.

        Desert: I’m gonna say a lose-lose, since both will dehydrate and die pretty quickly, given the lack of population.

        Tundra: Zombies again, since they could theoretically survive being frozen, but Vampires’ brains would burst/split/fail in the freezing process.

        Mountains: Vampires, since they have the physical dexterity to climb the terrain.

        Valley: Zombies, since a massive horde would barricade their victim in.

        Naval battle: If trapped on the same boat, Zombies, if on separate, Vampires.

        Outer Space: Vampires (obviously), providing they could get to a life source quickly enough.

        Ok, so there’s my more detailed response. Like I said, I love them both pretty equally. Any thoughts?

      2. I’m sorry, I just realized I didn’t actually respond to your comment! My point to that is: if the vampires are not intelligent enough to stop the outbreak and save their own food source, then they aren’t nearly as smart as I’ve been led to believe and they can get eaten for all I care. Part of their allure is the crafty mind; without that, they’re just immortal leeches.

      3. Everything you have mentioned in both of your subsequent comments makes absolute sense! I love how you broke it down situationally, as well! I sense an idea, a spark of inspiration beginning to flutter…

        As for the crafty mind being part of the allure – we have many a crafty mind within the human population and I’d have to say that most of them wouldn’t even stand a chance against the Zombie.

      4. Very true. While I’d like to think human ingenuity combined with flight and super strength would lend vampires a sharper edge, I admit that they’d be staking themselves from fear once the outbreak went beyond one hundred thousand or so (since at that point they’d spread to other areas).

        I’ve chosen that arbitrary number because a truly intelligent vampire might- just might- be able to get his or her hands on high-yield explosives or nuclear weaponry. Unless we rule out weapons, in which case, a few thousand would do the trick.

      5. True, that may seem like an obvious advantage, but having just thought of that, I was rambling a bit! Ok, assuming “no weapons a regular human wouldn’t have access to”, then… I’ll still give it to Zombies on this one.

  3. For me, being the Zombie King and all, I have to vote for the zombie. I’ll give you two reasons:

    1) The blood of the zombie is no good to the vampire — the brain of the vampire, however, is still good to the zombie. Because of this, there is added incentive for the zombie to win.
    2) The zombie isn’t limited to the darkness of the night. A gang of zombies dog piles a vampire to get to his luscious, undead brain and that vampire better escape else he roast in the coming sunlight.

    I’ll add in a third — zombies STILL don’t sparkle. They were never ruined by Stephanie Meyer and Twilight.


  4. I’ve gotta disagree. I say Vampire (and no, mine do not sparkle or go for Botox injections!), here’s why.

    Unlike the Zombie, who I’m assuming is acting on instinct not intelligence, the Vamp can choose where to go to ground, this might not even be ground at all, but an elevated place that a Zombie simply can’t or won’t bother getting to (the smarter choice for the Vamp). So that eliminates the need for protection during the daylight hours. Plus the Vamp’s regenerative abilities gives it a major edge over lets say a horde of Zombies attacking at once. Provided our Vamp can manage to keep his or her head, figuratively and otherwise, they’ll heal to (my imagination is now shifting without the clutch into 5th gear) use those taloned hands to rip said Zombies apart. (No, my Vamps do not go for mani-pedi’s either – save that crap for the docile sheep.) They are creatures of pure evil with a lust for nothing but blood, acquired in the most efficient, and in my happy land, violent way possible.

    I won’t dispute that being Undead to start with isn’t an advantage, I fully recognize that, but the Vamp is already dead as well. I think that levels the playing field, and ferocity combined with functioning (thinking) brain matter is where the Vamp kicks the Zombies ass!

    All due respect to the Zombie – I love Zombies equally – I just don’t think they’ve got the chops to take down a real Vampire.

    1. Thanks for the comment Nina 🙂 No one, especially not me, would try to insinuate that the Vampire was alive! That’s just pure and utter craziness! I don’t think that they fact that they are both undead levels the playing field at all. You have good points, but I believe that the Zombies would proliferate faster than the Vampires could respond, not really allowing them much time to move their overnight accommodations to something off the ground level and inaccessible to the Zombie.

      Just one last thing to leave you with… Do you really believe that the infection wouldn’t affect the Vampire? C’mon, regenerative abilities or not, there is no way they would escape unscathed. Bring on the Zombie hybrids!!

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