Day 131

The settlement is visibly shaken and nervous after it was revealed that Dean had been let back into the sanctity of the walls infected. The consensus seems to be that no one can be trusted. It’s a little bit disconcerting to know that a very large number of people are all looking at each other with suspicion.

Anytime people are seen with visible wounds, there is a panic! People will change to the opposite side of the street, ply them with vicious words, even turn tail and run. The strange thing is the newly offensive person may not have even been outside of the walls since they were erected. But that didn’t seem to matter; if you had a wound, you became a pariah.

The council decided it was time to take action. They enlisted all of the medical staff and had them conducting around the clock visual examinations on each and every person that lived in the settlement. The fear was palpable. No one wanted to submit but was afraid of how it would look if they did not. Dissension was not an option; there had been a breach and the council wasn’t about to take any more chances.

They had even gone as far as setting up a Quarantine Zone for anyone having a cut, laceration, or scrape on their bodies. The used the jail that had been cleared shortly after the Apocalypse; each person had a cell to retreat to and common areas to interact with everyone else if they chose to. They used the settlement police department to man the jail, though none of the officers really wanted to deal with the inmates.

It was beginning to border on the ridiculous! Putting all of those people, and there ended up being quite a few, into one place to work each other up was madness, in my honest opinion. But consider the ramifications if just one of them turned out to be infected?

The Next Day

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