Day 75

We tried to leave the next morning but a growing wind and heavy rains made us change our minds. Being so close to the water didn’t help us all that much either. At times it felt like the roofs of the houses were being strained to their breaking point. The wind rocked and buffeted the windows in their panes making us think that at any moment they would blow out.

The storm lasted 3 days and during that time we had no contact with the outside world. There were times we didn’t know if we were going to make it through the worst of it. I’ve dealt with severe weather in Canada and lived through many a tornado but all of that paled in comparison to what we went through.

One of the other survivors mentioned that this was likely a hurricane or at least the outer rings of one that was passing close by. She also mentioned that if the hurricane was passing over us that we’d be lucky to survive depending on the strength of it. We didn’t have any advanced warning nor did we have the opportunity to fortify the houses that we were currently staying in.

When the full onslaught of the storm hit us, there was no doubt that it was a hurricane. The worst part, apart from the terrifying fact that we all thought we were going to die, was the flooding. The basements of the houses all filled with water because there just was nowhere else for it to go. The streets looked like massive rivers, the runoff flowing downhill and collecting in the lower areas. The storm drains were useless it seemed; there was just too much water in such a short period of time and it was obvious that they couldn’t handle the surge in capacity.

The unfortunate disadvantage about the flooding of the basements was that it only left us the ground floors and upper floors in some cases to hunker down in. In light of what we were encountering, it just didn’t seem safe enough. The water in the basements was only about a foot deep and with the power off there really was no chance of electrocution but no one wanted to take the chance.

Once the storm had passed and we were able to get outside to survey the damage we could see that our little area really had escaped the worst of it. Sure there were trees down all over the place but they had miraculously missed all of the houses that we had been in. Many of the cars that had littered the streets were now shifted from the force of the water that flowed through the area. It was like a giant jigsaw puzzle of twisted metal and deflated rubber.

Debris was littered everywhere; garbage, bloated dead bodies, severed decomposing limbs, dead animals. It was really a disturbing sight to behold. I remember seeing pictures after Hurricane Katrina and to be honest, some of the pictures that I saw in the papers were accurate depictions of what we were seeing now. It was almost how you would imagine a war scene to look. But then I guess these are post-Apocalyptic times and it’s what we can begin to expect as the norm now.

The terrifying thing was that the hurricane also brought along it some of the Undead. At first, we didn’t notice them because we thought that the bodies we were looking at were all dead; potentially victims of Clarke’s brain scrambling weapon. Then they started to get up. It was a little disconcerting…

The level of decomposition made us believe that they had been dead for quite some time so it seemed unlikely that they had been other survivors caught in the storm. It was a little bit of a mystery to us. We were concentrating so hard on trying to pick our way through the debris and not trip over the bodies that we really didn’t notice them slowly picking themselves up off the ground. Once you did take a second to stop and really look, the scene was creepy as all heck! Corpses with all manner of broken bones and missing limbs trying to right themselves; like a weird disjointed break dance.

This wasn’t the best of situations to be in and I know that I say that a lot but this time, I really mean it. We were all outside, scattered among the debris with hardly any of our weapons. And then from out of the debris the Undead begin to rise again all around us. One minute you thought you were alone and then you turned around only to find yourself face to face with a member of the Undead army. Terrifying is really not the right word that I would use to describe the situation that we were in. Insane might be a better one.

Most of us were able to dodge the slow-moving walking corpses but for some of us, the dexterity and the room for movement just weren’t available. The loud screams and sounds of flesh being torn and shredded could be heard as we hightailed it out of the area as fast as we could. We didn’t stop to get anymore of our weapons or ammunition. The last thing that we wanted was to get stuck in one of the houses with a horde of the Undead outside. We knew that the houses couldn’t take much more in the way of damage or knocking about before they would fail completely.

We were just hoping to find someplace safe but the Undead seemed to be waking up everywhere. Without all of our gear we were running scared and only hurting ourselves in the long run. In the panic of the moment, what was left of our group splintered; truly it might have been suicide for all of us to stay together.

A small group of us have managed to hole up in a small grocery store. It’s sound for the moment as it looks like was made to withstand anything. And thankfully, there were no Undead in the store. We’ll have to wait and see what our next move is. I hope that we will be able to find some of the other survivors. We got separated from the twins in our flight and we need to find them. God, I hope they’re all right…

The Next Day

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