Day 61

Today was not a good day. I can say that with absolute certainty. When I signed off last night, the ship had run aground on something. Well that might not even be the right term. We crashed into another ship that had sunk and was lying just below the surface. Javier and the rest of the crew navigating the ship saw it too late and couldn’t avoid the collision. The bad news was that as a result we began to take on water and there was no way that we could have stopped it.

Our only and final option was to abandon ship. It was either that or drown. The problem was that we had roughly 620 people who needed to get off that ship and then what were we going to do with them?

We waited as long as we could into the early morning, hoping for the breaking rays of dawn to spread across the eastern sky before putting the first life boats into the water. We were off the coast of Georgia and from all appearances last night it looked like a major metropolitan area. Obviously the ship sinking was the worst of options, but having it sink next to a large metropolitan area wasn’t much better. We were taking big risks by bringing such a large group to shore without an actual plan.

We spent the night gathering the necessary supplies and making a plan. Our first priority was to find a large building or warehouse that we could easily secure for a short amount of time while we figured things out. It was crucial that we get everyone out of sight as soon as possible and preferably the closer that we made that location to the point that we had to come out of the water the better.

In order to do that, the first 4 life boats that we sent over in the early morning light were manned with the strongest and best shooters aboard the ship. It was do or die time for us.

Once we were closer to the shore it became increasingly apparent that we were on the outskirts of a relatively large metropolitan area and from the business names on the docks it had to be Savannah. Luckily it wasn’t an area as big as New York but anywhere the Undead could be, wasn’t anywhere we wanted to be.

We landed without incident and fanned out to scout out different locations. Our plan was to meet back in an hour with anything that we thought was suitable.

The docks of Savannah were in remarkable shape. It looked almost as if the people who owned the businesses would be coming in for a hard day’s work soon. It was certainly a promising site for us. A short distance from where we came ashore, I spotted a warehouse that still had all of its small windows intact. It was a large cinder block building with what looked like at least 2 floors from the outside. I circled the building with my team looking for any signs of the Undead; bloody hand prints or gore that is so commonly associated with their decomposition. There were none.

I tried one of the side doors and found it unlocked. Not a great sign but not necessarily a bad one. The Undead didn’t really have the dexterity to turn a doorknob so the chances of finding any of them on the inside hadn’t increased by any degree. A quick sweep of the interior showed that it was essentiallyempty, and had three floors, not two. It would certainly do as a base of operations until we had time to figure out where we were going to go.

We left the building and returned to the rendezvous point. None of the other teams had managed to find anything suitable so it was a quick sell for the location that I had found. We left a number of the team on shore to guard our location and the place that we were planning on coming on shore. Everyone was doing their best to stay out of sight but the area was completed deserted. We couldn’t have asked for a better situation.

We started bringing the survivors over right away, using all 10 of the life boats. We brought as much of our supplies as we could carry on our backs because we didn’t know if we were going to have access to any vehicles as of yet. All of the guns and ammunition would be coming with us. There was no way we were going to leave any of that behind.

Transferring the survivors from the ship to the shore went fairly smoothly. The ship itself was beginning to fill a little faster with water and the bow had sunk a little further down in the water from the weight of it.

One of the last people to leave the ship was the monster. It was by design that we waited to bring him across to shore. We really had no idea what we were going to do with him once he didn’t have a place to keep him locked up. Could we really travel with a prisoner and fend of attacks from the Undead should the need arise?

In the end it didn’t matter. Captain Sven Kanelstrand, the monster known as Double Dutch took the easy way out. Once the life boat that was carrying him had made its way part way to shore, he propelled his body over the side and into the water. With his hands bound it was hard for him to swim but it didn’t even appear that he was trying. Instead he just stared upward as he sank below the surface. A few bubbles were all the remained of a life that had caused so much pain and suffering to so many people.

That was the only incident to speak of. Everyone was moved to the warehouse and we didn’t see any of the Undead in the process. We set up some people to watch from the windows on the second floor just in case they put in an appearance. We didn’t want to be caught unaware especially now that there would be significantly more noise coming from the area.

So now that we had found a place to stay for the moment, we just needed to figure out what to do long-term. There was no way that we could stay here and with the ship sinking quickly as it filled with water, our options on the seas were over.

The Next Day

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