Day 53

We haven’t left the waters around New York City yet mainly because we haven’t figured out what we wanted to do with Capt- the monster yet. As a community we gathered and had a discussion about what we thought was best. What we thought was most deserved. Most judicial. We were after all still trying to maintain a society where civility and respect had the upper hand.

It was hard to look into the faces of the parents of the murdered children and not want to exact the revenge you saw demanded in their eyes, heard spoken in angry voices you barely recognized. To not take the easy stance of an eye for an eye was hard. We had to be better than him or where did it leave us?

Lt. Lafferty had a good suggestion of keeping him captive on the ship. She had brought her handcuffs with her and there was the brig on board. She felt safe in assuming the role of Warden to his prisoner, with the help of her officers. In our eyes, Sven Kanelstrand had already been found guilty and now he would serve a life sentence for his crimes. Personally, I would have turned him loose in NYC and let him fend for himself. If his life ended, so be it. It would not have been at our hands. But the consensus was that while it might have seemed justified, in the end it wouldn’t have felt right. We weren’t evil people and sending a man to his death wasn’t going to do anything but add a layer of remorse to our already heavy hearts.

In the long run, we knew we couldn’t keep him locked up with us forever, but for the time being the plan was going to have to serve its purpose.

Life on the ship has reverted back to a calmer state of affairs. There’s not really that much stress anymore with the monster behind bars. It was a nice change from the atmosphere that we had recently been living in. People were chipping in wherever they could and the sense of community began to get stronger again. The 14 new survivors from the 61st Precinct were warmly welcomed and enfolded into the embrace of the group. It was like a homecoming. We were all strangers but within the strangeness of the moment we found commonality. This was now our home.

I’m not exactly sure why we stayed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of NYC for the period of time that we did. Perhaps it was to wait for any survivors that may come to the shores of Coney Island. I know that we had said that we would be gone in 5 days but not everyone might have been able to make it to us in that short space of time. We had to do everything in our power to rescue as many as we could. The fate of humanity rested on the few of us that were left.

Besides I had an inkling, a feeling that someone was coming to meet us. It’s weird but something was just telling me not to leave just yet. So we’ll wait for a few more days and then make a decision then.

The Next Day

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    1. A publisher might not touch this now since it’s already been self-published but the belief that someone would want to publish me is awesome! Thanks Eddie! You’re awesome!

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