Day 50

We are back on the ship but just barely. We are all exhausted so this is probably going to be an extremely short update. I will make sure to give y’all the extended version of our time in what is left of Brooklyn sometime tomorrow. The main points that I wanted to touch upon now were that we did manage to get the FBI Double Dutch profile but we had to go a fair ways into Brooklyn to get it.

Hopefully with it, we will be able to determine who the monster is once and for all. The tragic thing is that while we were gone, 2 more children had been taken and found dead. Their names were Daniele and Robbie and they were 6 and 11 respectively. A sister and brother, taken right from under their parent’s noses in the mess hall during breakfast one morning.

After their autopsies, Ben removed the brain of one of the children and left the other intact. Their bodies were locked in one of the rooms while someone kept guard outside. The child whose brain was still intact did reanimate and need to be dealt with accordingly. At least we now know that even the recently dead who had no chance of recent contamination from the Undead could end up as one of them. It’s a scary thought but at least we know more than what we did the day before. Knowledge is power in times like this. Knowledge and firepower are the best things to have in a war against the Undead.

Until tomorrow, stay safe.

The Next Day

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